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You Need To Train Your ‘Positive Muscles’

You Need To Train Your ‘Positive Muscles’

So you grow up eating pizza for breakfast, pounding down tubs of ice cream and snacks and lazing around all day watching Netflix (without the chill).

You go to the mirror and look at yourself. Your belly is hanging out, when you wave your bingo wings nearly fly you out the window, and you have enough thunder in those thighs to start a rainstorm.

It’s habit, this is your life.

One day you decide you want change and take up a gym membership. You get comfy gym clothes and go for a run on the treadmill. Your face is beetroot and you are wheezing like a 50 a day smoker, but the rush of endorphins feels good and you decide to keep it up.

Soon you get into the habit of going to the gym, even eating better too and the pounds begin to melt away. After a few months of consistency your body is strong, lean and healthy.

Pretty random story but it kind of dove tails in with what I am going to say about a positive attitude and high vibration.

In the same way that the muscles in your body are used to you eating junk food and doing zero exercise. Your ‘positivity muscles’ can be weak and underdeveloped from years and years of negative conditioning from peers, families, and the media etc. You need to keep flexing them and using them regularly to make them grow stronger and bigger.

You may find that you say a few affirmations and do a meditation or two. This is all great, however you soon fall into old habits of negative thinking, decide this is all a pile of rubbish, and give up.

It’s ok when this happens, but in the same way that you get back on that horse and throw out the junk food, you need to get back on that horse and recognise it will take time to reverse years of negative habits.

When I first started out with personal development methods and trying to get on a high vibration, my ‘positivity muscles’ were like weedy little match stick arms. My negative thoughts seemed to easily get me in a spiral and take over.

Now after years of practice they are great big whopping guns like old school Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, that can crack open walnuts and lift cars and stuff.

It is possible to remove all old programming and limiting beliefs from your mind and body. Like going the gym however, you need to stretch those ‘positivity muscles’ and make them strong, so they will be good at noticing these old beliefs when they arise and work to transform them to new happier beliefs.

I guess what i’m trying not so eloquently to say is, keep it up, you can do it. Even if you have a bad day or fall into old patterns, that’s ok.

Be gentle with yourself, press the reset button and keep doing what you can. Soon enough you will be metaphorically lifting cars and opening big jars of pickled eggs with your big massive ‘positive muscles’.

Wishing you an abundance of joy,



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