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You Make Your Own Luck​

You Make Your Own Luck​

You Make Your Own Luck


The concept that you make your own luck may seem strange to someone who has grown up extremely superstitious. Today’s post is all about the concept of luck, and how I believe that you can make your own luck and can decide from today to be ‘lucky‘.

You Make Your Own Luck

I grew up as quite a superstitious child. Standard Irish upbringing always throwing salt over my shoulder, blessing myself anytime I passed a graveyard, never walking under ladders and also believing the ever popular rhyme for when you seen a magpie.

I’m sure most of you are aware but it was a rhyme that corresponded to how many magpies you seen.

It was:

One for sorrow

Two for joy

Three for a girl

Four for a boy

Five for silver

Six for gold

Seven for a secret never to be told

So if you saw one magpie it meant you were going to have sorrow, if you seen two magpies you would experience joy and so on.

This rhyme was repeated to me by my cousins and peers and I quickly learned it and used it to my advantage, or disadvantage mostly.


Using ‘Luck’ To Your Advantage or Disadvantage

When I was on a walk with my son today, I saw two magpies and it got me thinking about how this rhyme and these superstitious beliefs were a great example of how you can use the law of attraction for you or against you.

I have a friend who wins pretty much every competition she enters. It started when she won free entrance complimentary drinks to a club night on Facebook.

Everyone told her how lucky she was to have won, this undoubtedly reinforced a belief in her head, and not too long later she won another competition, and another, and another.

Until now when she normally excitedly messages me at least once a month to tell me she has won something else. I keep telling her she needs to do the lottery.

We laugh and joke at how she is on a brilliant winning streak but to me, it looks like my friend is using the law of attraction to her advantage, which we can all do really.


One For Joy

So back to the magpies, a few years back I used to walk through a park on my way to work and I would always see magpies.

If it was just one magpie I would inwardly lament over how I was going to have a rubbish day at work, and sure enough at work I would get the rude customer or forget to do something and get into trouble.

Likewise if I saw two magpies I would joyfully walk into work, feeling pleased in knowing that some joy was coming my way. Sure enough, I would have an easy breezy day, I was setting my intentions for a good or bad day and I wasn’t even aware of it.

So one day I decided I was going to use this ‘superstition’ to my advantage, and change the words to the rhyme that had been deciding how I was going to live my day. I changed it to;

One for joy

Two for joy

Three for joy

Four for joy

Five for joy

Six for joy

Seven for super duper awesome joy


If anything it certainly felt a lot better and I decided that any time I seen any amount of magpies, that I would take it as a sign that something joyful was going to happen during my day.

Of course at the start my brain didn’t quite believe what I was saying, as it was so used to my old way of thinking.You Make Your Own Luck

Knowing that the brain is a creature of habit however, I persevered and repeated my new rhyme and acted joyful and hopeful any time I would see one.

After a few months of this my whole vibration changed and I began to use the law of attraction to my advantage in a big way.

Now when I see a magpie I rejoice and say thank you.

I remember one time I was driving my car down the hill on my street and at the very bottom, scattered on the middle of the road (slightly jay-walking) was about 12-15 magpies all standing there as if they were waiting for me.

I burst out laughing and it was safe to say I was on a high high vibration all day after seeing that.

The magpies made me realise that luck is completely subjective, and from then on I decided to be extremely lucky! I always get perfect parking spaces, freebies, find things and just have the most random awesome stuff happen to me daily, just because I decided to believe I was Lucky!

So the point of today’s post is to encourage you to make your own luck, decide today that you are the most lucky, blessed, joyful person you know, and train your mind to believe it.

You will soon be reaping the rewards of the most joyful moments in each day.

Wishing you an abundance of joy


P.s. You’re awesome


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