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What Is A High Vibration?

What Is A High Vibration?

You may have seen the term ‘high vibration’ and ‘raise your vibration’ mentioned in various places throughout this site, I do say it a lot..

Some of you may be wondering, what is a high vibration? And why is it so important? Here is my take on vibration, and how you can get yourself onto a good one…

Let’s vibe high 🙂


What Is A Vibration?

We know from physics that everything has a vibration. Whether it is the colours you see or the words that you say,what is a high vibration? everything is vibrating at a specific frequency, including every human on the planet.

Your vibration is essentially your emotional state. It can be described as ‘high’ for example excitement, joy, fun. Or it can be described as ‘low’, for example frustration, anger or guilt.

The vibration we are on at any moment is determined by the thoughts and feelings that we have been thinking, and all of those thoughts and feelings are carried within our electromagnetic field.

The electromagnetic field that surrounds us holds the vibration of the thoughts and feelings we have been thinking. It can also be referred to as an ‘aura’, and the result of this vibration will determine how our life will unfold.

The Law of Attraction responds to the vibration we are holding and then everything in our current reality will reflect the thoughts and feelings that we have in our vibration. Every person, sign, colour that you see in your reality is the exact match of the vibration you are currently on.


Same Street, Different Vibrations

Two people could walk down the same street and have completely different experiences than the other depending on what vibration they are on.

what is a high vibration?For example one person who is on a good-feeling high vibration could walk down a street and notice the beautiful singing birds flying overhead. They might see the smiling faces of strangers, feel the cool air on their face, or even find money on the pavement or have someone hold a door open for them.

A different person walking down the same street at the same time but feeling a low vibration may encounter strangers pushing into them and rushing past. They may trip or stumble on a crack in the pavement, they could also get soaked by a vehicle driving through a rain puddle and splashing them.

Now before you get freaked out and refuse to leave the house in a bad mood in case you fall down a man hole or something, it really does need to be really consistent, strong negative thinking to bring about anything remotely negative.

We mostly flip and flop between positive and negative vibrations throughout our day depending on the external circumstances that we experience. However when you take control of how you feel and actively decide that you want to be on a high vibration, you will notice how much more magical every day of your life can be.


Positive Momentum

Have you ever noticed whenever you first fall in love with someone, that things always seem so perfect and magical at the beginning?

This is because you are holding powerful high vibrational thoughts, brought on by the new person you are holding as your object of attention. These good feeling thoughts are then expanding your vibrational field and gaining huge positive momentum.

This means that everyone and anything you encounter is just ease and blissful, you may get the perfect car parking space, you receive compliments, you win things.

This is strong positive momentum that you have built up without even realising it.

Yet after a while the new-ness dies down and you start to notice things about the person that you dislike, your powerful positive feeling thoughts die down and lose momentum. Sound familiar?

The thing is, if you make it your intention to feel as good as you can every day, rather than waiting on random external things to happen that make you feel good, you can take control over how you feel and with practice you will find it so easy to get into that blissful, high vibrational place.


Get out in front of it

It is important to try to get onto a high feeling vibration as early as possible in your day. The more your day goes on the more momentum you will create with the vibration you are on, because the law of attraction will bring you more thoughts and circumstances like the ones you are thinking.

For example have you ever stubbed your toe getting out of bed and then had the whole day spiral with negative things?

Negative momentum that has built up throughout your day can be difficult to change, not impossible, but difficult. It is a lot more work trying to get yourself out of a negative feeling vibration than just not getting into one in the first place.

It is much easier to get out in front of it and make it your intention to feel good from the get go.

Our vibration is constantly changing depending on the thoughts and feelings we are giving out. It is not necessarily a bad thing to be on a low vibration, without a low vibration we would not know what a high vibration is, and it also serves as an excellent guidance system to let you know if your feelings have unintentionally dipped.

For example if you are feeling pretty good and then suddenly someone is rude to you, your vibration may have unintentionally dipped without you realising. You would not have encountered that person being rude to you had something in your vibration not matched up with them. This means that you may have unintentionally let your thoughts slip into bad feeling ones.

This is automatic feedback telling you to change your thoughts to ones that feel good so that you can raise your vibration back up to where you feel good.

Being aware of your thoughts and asking yourself how you are feeling is the best way to make sure you keep up your positive momentum.



The Path Of Least Resistance 

Aside from the obvious benefits of feeling good, a high vibration also brings you into alignment, which brings untold benefits and goodies.

Alignment is when you are in a state of flow. It is when you are connected to ‘source energy’, it may also be referred to as your ‘higher self’, or ‘infinite intelligence’ by some people.

Being in alignment will take you along your Path of Least Resistance. The path of least resistance is the path that will feel fun for you, it will be filled with ease and be an absolute joy to carry out, it wont feel like work or struggle.

There are numerous paths that are available for you to take in every situation you encounter, and they vary greatly from a high vibration to a low vibration. The path that you take, always depends on the vibration you are currently holding for that situation.

The lower your vibration, the more resistance you will have towards something. Having high resistance will make it more difficult to get what you want.

For example if you are all balled up over a situation and feeling stressed, you are going to be far away from that state of alignment and therefore you wont have that intuitive nudge that will show the path of least resistance. You are more likely to encounter many frustrations and road blocks, and find it extremely laborious to get to the solution.

Whereas if you decide to first and foremost feel good and refuse to let anything stress you out, you are going to be able to tap into that inner guidance that comes with a high vibration. Which will allow you to flow through your tasks, and your day with ease and joy.


Ways To Reach A High Vibration

We have talked a lot about what a high vibration feels like and what it is, but you may be wondering how to get on to a high vibration, and how to keep yourself there.

As mentioned above, the best thing to do is to get out in front of your feelings and get onto that high vibration as quickly in your day as possible, before you have time to build up any negative momentum.

First thing in the morning is an extremely important part of the day as this is the part of the day where you have the least resistance.

If you get in there before your mind wanders to negative thoughts of the past, or someone who did you wrong ten years ago, you can actively choose to make your very first thoughts of the day things that feel good.

I take 15 minutes at the start of each day to list all of the things that I am thankful for. literally the second I wake up, I open a note on my phone and type out everything that I am grateful for, my friends, my family, my body and organs, colours, the ability to walk etc. Absolutely anything I can think of goes on to my list, and by the end I feel so grateful and happy.

I have powerfully cultivated a good feeling vibration, which if I maintain by being aware of how I feel and turning away from any negative thoughts, will go out ahead of me and bring me the most joyous day.

Meditation is also a great way to get on to a high feeling vibration. This is because you are clearing your mind of thoughts and when you get to a place of no thought then you stop all momentum and tap straight into source energy.

Meditation also trains the brain to be aware of the present moment rather than getting carried away by negative feeling thoughts, you can read more on the benefits of meditation here.

Aside from gratitude and meditation, there are countless ways to get onto a high vibration, and it is totally dependant on what makes you personally feel good. For example petting your cat, going near water, painting, spending time with loved ones are all great examples.


You Have The Power To Choose

So hopefully you have more of an idea about vibrations and how to get onto a good feeling vibration. I also hope I have been able to highlight that each day is what you make it, and that it is possible to choose the vibration that you want to be on 🙂

If you liked the article please do share.

And of course let me know the ways you like to raise your vibration below!

2 thoughts on “What Is A High Vibration?”

  • I’m all about improving my vibration and operating from compassion and humility. I’ve tried the other way – judgment, criticism, negativity – and it doesn’t work. It just generates stress and attracts negative people. When we act from our heart and highest good, we bring the right things into our lives. Thanks for this great article and level of detail!

    • You are so right, the other way does not work, and it really doesn’t feel good, or bring and benefit into our lives.
      We are almost trained to be critical and judgemental from a young age, but I have found that living through kindness and seeing the bright side of life, will ultimately attract more good things and will lead to a much more fulfilling and happy time 🙂

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