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The Beginner’s Guide To The Law Of Attraction

The Beginner’s Guide To The Law Of Attraction

So what is the law of attraction? And what is the best way to describe the Law of Attraction (LOA) to a beginner?

It may seem extremely confusing and strange to those who have never heard of it or who have only just been introduced, so here we have a beginner’s guide to the law of attraction. A simple easy-to-read explanation (I hope) of how I see the law of attraction and how I utilise it in my day to day life.


You Are A Giant Walking Magnet

The Law Of Attraction is a universal law that is as real as gravity.

It follows the premise of like attracts like, so if you imagine yourself as a giant magnet, you attract things into your life based on what thoughts and feelings you have given out.

Check out my infographic for an introduction to get you started.


law attraction beginners




It’s all about them vibes

To explain a bit more, we live in a vibrational universe.

law attraction beginnerEverything is made up of atoms which are essentially vibrating energy, and everything emits a vibration whether it be the colours you see or the thoughts you think.

Each thought has a frequency that can be measured. The law of attraction works under the premise of like attracts like.

So if you have a particular thought that you are thinking over and over again with intense emotion, the law of attraction will then bring you more thoughts on that frequency which will then build up momentum and most likely will manifest in some way in your life.

You may think thousands of thoughts in your day that do not amount to anything as they have no real emotion attached to them.

It is the strong emotion attached to our thoughts that results in the greatest attractional pull, i.e. the things we want and the things we don’t want which have the strongest emotions.

You become what you are thinking about most but you also attract what you think about most.

For example if you wake up feeling miserable and do nothing to change your thoughts and feelings, you are going to attract people and circumstances that reinforce this.

Have you ever stubbed your toe one morning and then found the rest of the day to spiral with bad things continually happening?

I know I have.

Repeated Thoughts Become Beliefs

Your reality is only true because you believe it to be true, if you adopted a new set of beliefs they would soon become true for you also, as the LOA would provide evidence to support what you believe.

Most of us have grown up believing a lot of what other people have told us and forming beliefs that are then backed up by the LOA.

This may have worked out for our detriment, for example being told that your extra weight is a result of your ‘genes’ or an ‘overactive thyroid’, when really your weight gain is because you BELIEVE this is why you have put on weight.

The good thing however is that a belief is just a thought you have been repeatedly thinking, and a thought can be changed.


More Of This Please Universe! 

law attraction beginnerWhen you praise something or appreciate something, you are essentially saying ‘more of this please’ to the universe. Likewise if you are complaining or worrying, you are giving that your focus and therefore attracting more of it to you.

The problem is that most people are thinking about what they don’t want and are then surprised when that is what keeps showing up in their life.

The mind cannot think in negatives so for example if I asked you not to think of a sunny beach, your brain probably went straight to a picture of a sunny beach.

We may not consciously realise it, but most of us spend the majority of our days speaking and thinking about what we don’t want, e.g. I don’t want to be late, I don’t want that person to be rude to me, I don’t want to be alone.

In giving these things your attention you are focusing on being late, people being rude to you and being alone. That is what you will then attract more of.

If you focus all of your attention on the things you do want e.g. I want to arrive on time, I want to have joyful encounters with everyone I meet, I want to be surrounded by people who love me. That is what you will attract, especially if you do it with intense feeling.


Tell The Universe A different Story

law attraction beginnerYour brain cannot tell what is your reality and what you are thinking in your head. This is why your mouth waters when you think of a food you love, or why you get a sick feeling in your stomach if you think of something uncomfortable.

Your brain takes everything you think of as real. So if you tell your brain what you want and imagine it consistently with joy and excitement, you will bring it to you!

The Law of Attraction doesn’t care whether something is perceived as good or bad, it just responds to our thoughts.

If you focus on what you want with all of your emotion and attention, you will bring it about and likewise if you are focusing on what you don’t want (which most of us are by default).

This may not seem fair or may make you want to suck all the bad thoughts back into your head that you have sent out.

The good news is that once you realise all of this you can begin to change your thoughts to attract the life you dream of, because contrary to popular opinion, we are all meant to have amazing lives!


The History of The Law Of Attraction

So the LOA has been around like forever, and has been known and utilised by some of the greatest names in the history of the world, for example Albert Eintsein, Thomas Edison, Plato, Issac Newton, and Henry Ford.

law attraction beginnerIt was known by many people throughout the years but was coveted and hidden so that those in power had control over those who did not know it.

Back then it was believed that abundance was limited, and that if everyone knew about the law of attraction then there wouldn’t be enough abundance for everyone.

This of course is completely untrue as there is enough abundance in the universe for everyone to have more than enough of what they want!

Wallace Wattles and Napoleon Hill wrote books in the early 1900’s outlining the power of our thoughts and beliefs in attracting money, but did not fully reference the law of attraction as they knew it would not be well received.

In the 1980’s Esther and Jerry Hicks began taking workshops and talks on the LOA with the collective consciousness known as ‘Abraham’ who I highly recommend listening to if you want some amazing advice on the Law of Attraction.

However it was not until 2006 when Rhonda Byrne released the movie ‘The Secret’, that the Law of Attraction was brought to a large commercial audience. Particularly after appearing on Oprah with some of the contributors to the movie.

The law of attraction has been about for an extremely long time, only being known by a select few. But it seems today that more information than ever is available regarding the Law Of Attraction and how to use it effectively to live a life of wonder, lucky us!


The Science Behind The Law Of Attraction

If you are still a bit dubious about the power of your thoughts, there are a few great scientific experiments that back the Law Of Attraction and the power of thoughts.

The most famous experiment that you may be aware of is the water experiment by Dr Masuru Emoto. Dr Emoto tooklaw attraction beginner pictures of frozen water crystals after they had been subjected words, music and prayer.

In some samples the words were spoken or shouted out loud, and in other cases they were thought.

The water that had been subjected to joy, excitement and positive words and prayer, showed beautiful, symmetrical crystals when frozen.

The opposite happened when the water was subjected to rage, sadness and negative words and music showed fragmented, broken crystals when frozen.

Taking into consideration that we are 70% water, this says a lot about the power of thought.

Another experiment happened in 1993 Washington DC, when a group of 4000 volunteers meditated on love and peace for a month in order to try and reduce the levels of crime in a high-crime area of Washington DC.

It is important to note that the scientists approached this experiment with no bias and that every variable imaginable was tested for.

The results of the experiment showed that crime had decreased by 25% during the month and this was significantly noted in the last week of the experiment when there was the most number of participants.

law attraction beginnerThese results were also compared with the same month for the five years previous and the 25% decrease was deemed completely out of the ordinary.

Another great experiment carried out by psychologist Ellen Langer in 1979 showed the effect of changing thought patterns on ageing.

This experiment was carried out on a group of 70-80 year old men. One group of men were told to reminisce and talk about their younger days of the past and a second group actually pretended to be young again, surrounding themselves with music and activities from their youth.

The results of the experiment showed that those who actively imagined they were younger showed signs of de-aging.

Aspects such as hearing and sight improved, as well as arthritis and blood pressure improving. This highlights the immense power of your imagination in creating the outcomes that you want.


Quantum Of Awesomeness

Quantum Mechanics and Quantum physics explain that the entire universe in an energy field filled with vibrationslaw attraction beginner and that each of these vibrations attract to each other.

Physics tells us that there is an infinite field of potentiality where every single potential outcome of your life exists, the only reason you are living the current outcome in your present is because that is what you have drawn to you with your thoughts.

So you may have a relationship with someone that is negative, toxic and unhappy. On the flip side, a positive, joyful version of this relationship also exists, but it is in changing your thoughts and feelings to mostly positive ones that you are able to access this.

Whether you believe in it or not it is working with every thought you think, and in believing it and using it to focus on what you want, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!


How To Use The Law Of Attraction

So you have read the introduction, background and science and now have a vague idea of how the Law of Attraction works.

That may be all well and good you are thinking, but how do you just magically stop thinking the pattern of thoughts you have been thinking for years?

law attraction beginnerThis is what ran through my mind the first time I had ever heard of the Law of Attraction, I had such a negative momentum going with my thoughts that I had no idea how to magically halt them.

The good thing is that you don’t have to do it all at once, it is obviously going to take some time to change your thought patterns and make new positive ones.

Also to be on a vibration for really bad things to happen to you, there needs to be a huge number of negative feeling thoughts to culminate over a period of time to bring enough momentum for anything like that to happen.

At most you are probably swinging between positive and negative thoughts throughout your day and receiving a mis match of things you like and things you don’t like.

It is widely known that a positive affirmative thought is way more powerful than a negative one. The fact is that we are actually meant to think a large majority of positive thoughts, that is why it feels bad to think negatively.

A great place to start feeling better is to actively monitor how you are feeling.

Stop and ask yourself throughout your day, ‘How am I feeling?’.

Your feelings are your guidance system that show you whether you are on a negative feeling vibration, or a positive one.

If you notice that you feel bad, try to override this by focusing your attention onto something that feels good, you cannot deactivate a thought, but you can activate a new one.

Try to have a number of good feeling subjects in your mind that you can shift your focus to, and you will find that with practice, you will get really good at it.


The Creation Process

Aside from thinking good feeling thoughts in order to attract ease and joy into your day, you can also use the LOA to attract something specific.

You may or may not have heard of stories of people manifesting amazing things into their existence, from weight loss to money to the partner of their dreams.

There is a creation process that these people have applied in order to manifest something specific into their lives.

You may have heard of Ask Believe Receive which is a great analogy of the creation process, I am going to however show the creation process as I know it.

There are other ways, all of which will work if you follow them correctly, but I will be mentioning it the way that I understand and use it.


law attraction beginner



The first step is an obvious one, you need to ask the universe for what you want.

It is better to be specific here and ask for something that you know you want, rather than being wishy washy or uncertain.

If you don’t exactly have a clear idea of what it is that you want, you can ask the universe ‘What is is that  want?’



Knowing what you want, the universe then provides it on a vibrational level,

You just need to become a match to it in order to allow it into your current reality.


law attraction beginner



Act as if what you have is already yours. This may be difficult to start with for anyone who is used to telling things like it is, however playing games and making things up in your mind are a great way to act as if you have what you want.

This is where you can get creative and have fun, imagine in your head being your ideal weight and trying clothes that fit you perfectly.

**Remember that focusing on losing weight will bring you more needing to lose weight, you have to FEEL what it is like to be your ideal weight

Imagine the ideal qualities your dream partner would have, make room in your wardrobe for your ideal partner’s clothes, set and extra space at the dinner table for your partner.

If you want more money claim into yourself that you can afford anything you want, go shopping and inwardly claim ‘I can afford that’ to everything that you would like and inwardly imagine yourself purchasing it all with ease.

In doing these things you are changing the vibration around what you want from negative to positive, and allowing the universe to bring it to you.

If you see anything or feel anything that negates what you want, turn away from it and focus your attention on what you want.


law attraction beginner



Feeling good is one of the most important ways you can bring all that you love into your life.

Keeping a high vibration allows the universe to guide you along your path of least resistance, feeling bad just pushes what you want away.

The universe knows exactly how to get you to where you want to be and it also knows the most enjoyable and fun way of getting there.

law attraction beginnerThere are many different paths that can bring you to what you want, feeling happy will ensure that you are tuned in with the guidance from the universe. If you are feeling low vibration energy, you cannot connect to that inner guidance.

The universe will guide you along the path of least resistance, which is the path that feels the best. That is how you know you are going the right way, if it feels like a joy to carry out.

With the law of attraction things should be easy, the opposite of what we have been told to believe.

Many people think they need to take action to feel good, however if you have not cleaned up your vibration, the action will not be easy or provide the best results.

Inspired action is what you need to take. It could be that amazing aha moment you get in the shower when your mind is quiet, or the compulsion to ring an old friend, only to find out they can offer you your dream job.

Remember the universe can see the path and although the urge to do something may feel silly or small, it could be a big part of the way unfolding.

Meditation, gratitude and visualisation are all amazing tools to help you feel good and get on a high vibration for those intuitive nudges that will bring you what you want to attract.



This is the last step and it arrives when you feel yourself into the vibration of what you want.law attraction beginner

If you have done the vibrational work and are on a mostly positive vibration, you will be a match to what you want and you will receive what you want.

Many people think that they cannot be happy until they receive what it is that they want.

However the fun should really be in the journey to what you want. The journey of getting to what you want is your life, and you want to enjoy all of your life, not just when something you want comes to you.


The Law Of Attraction Doesn’t Work For Me

Many people try the LOA for a short while and give up when they don’t see immediate results.

It can be easy to feel disappointed if you are trying and nothing is materialising, it can feel easier to just to go back into your comfort zone of not believing.

https://21awesomedays.com/does-the-law-of-attraction-workPeople usually give up just before they have a breakthrough.

At first with your manifesting you may just have that feeling of feeling better and no manifestation, but like I said above, the joy is in the journey and you should just relax into it and enjoy where you are.

Getting impatient with why you don’t have what you want is noticing what you don’t have and will bring you more of not having it.

You need to have unwavering faith, you don’t need to worry about how it will be brought to you, just that you know it is coming and the universe will find untold amazing and brilliant ways of bringing what you want to you.

Ways you probably could never even have conceived.

That’s the fun of it, you don’t need to do anything at all to make it come about, let the universe focus in that, all you have to is keep your thoughts on a high vibration by feeling good, and follow any clear, good-feeling nudges which isn’t a big price to pay.


When You Fall Off The Wagon

So you are psyched to feel good but then someone cuts you off on the road or a co-worker is rude to you. This makes you feel angry and frustrated and you tail spin into a low feeling vibration.

This can happen very easily, and we are so ingrained to blindly react that we can end up gaining negative momentum quite easily.

https://21awesomedays.com/does-the-law-of-attraction-workIt is important to know that this is perfectly OK and expected at the start, it takes practice but eventually you can get to a place where it is easy to gain and maintain positive momentum easily.

If you understand that negative experiences may have manifested due to past thoughts and let them go, you can replace the thought with a positive one.

By releasing any negative thoughts or annoyances and giving love instead, you are regaining your positive momentum and ensuring that those few seconds of negative feelings wont grow into anything big enough to throw you off your positive feelings.

You just need to have a majority of happy thoughts. There will come a time where you are on such a high vibration that those rude people will not even come near you as you will be attracting people on your level, which will be happy, fun, joyful people.

If you do come across someone who isn’t on your vibration, remember that them lashing out at you or being rude is 100% to do with them and how they are feeling and not you. This can make it easier to let go, just ask yourself- is this worth my dream life? it’s definitely not!

law attraction beginner

You may fall off the wagon at times and fall back into old patterns of thinking and this is totally OK.

You are trying to change a large number of years of mostly negative thinking, the key is not to be mad at yourself and accept that you are where you are and that’s fine.

You could try to think of things that make you feel good, or focus solely on your dream life and everything you want.

You do not need to settle for a life you are not happy in, you do not need to wake up feeling bad about yourself and being jealous of others, there is an unlimited abundance in the universe and you are meant to have it all.

Once you tip the scales of your thoughts from negative to positive, you will start to notice good things trickling through to your day. You get the car parking space you want, you get a raise in work, someone buys you lunch, this is your vibration changing and it means you are on the right path.

We all have an inner guidance system which is our feelings.

Tuning in to how we feel will help us determine what vibration we are on at any moment. If it is less than positive, all you have to do to change that is to focus of something that feels good.

Feeling negative doesn’t feel good to us.

This means that we are not meant to feel negative feelings, we have just been conditioned throughout our life to believe that it’s good to feel bad and, and that we need to look outside of ourselves for joy.



I hope this guide has given you a good insight into my thoughts on the law of attraction. It took me a while and some practice to get some tangible results, but I can confidently tell you that it DOES work, the best thing you can do right now is to feel good!

Of course this all may sound strange or complicated to take in if you are completely new to it. But the more you read about it and the more you practice it, you will soon see how easy and fun it is! Check out some of my other posts for some more information.

Any questions or comments please leave them below, and if you would like to join my 21 Awesome Days Challenge for some fun ideas to raise your vibration, please fill out your details below!


4 thoughts on “The Beginner’s Guide To The Law Of Attraction”

  • I love this post. It’s so important to remember that we have some control over what we see, experience, and draw toward us. It’s amazing how sticky and damaging the negative stuff can be, but freeing to realize we don’t deserve it, we don’t need it, and we can invite in something better. Thanks for a truly detailed explanation on how to make life better.

    • thank you so much for the beautiful comment, it can be so easy to get caught up in the negativity of life but it really is so freeing to realise that it doesn’t need to be that way!

  • Every single word you have written is true. the law of attraction is always true. Be it good or bad, riches or poor, relationships full of love or hate..it is universal, true and always there.

    I personally used it, in the worse possible of circumstances laying in bed, after a horrific road accident, multiple fractures, and only hours after an 8 hour operation to save my right leg.


    Was the Traumatologists words when I said I will walk again…and the mear thought of not walking perfectly well did not enter my head or mind not even for a millisecond!
    You see, the damage was bad, pretty bad including cut nerves in two places. (sciatic nerve) and a completely shattered femur.

    Cutting the long story short..I can walk..and walk free unaided without crutches, walking, nothing! I walk for hours regularly, frequently hit the gym too!.

    All I had was the law of attraction, though “what the heck..why not! let’s give this a go!”.

    It is so exact and so precise that if you say/believe that it won’t work..guess what..it wont! …but if you believe that it will..you better be prepared for some good thoughts and some good times ahead!.

    • This is absolutely amazing and so inspirational to read Derek, i’m so happy you have shared such an amazing story on the post as it is a great addition to what the article says, you can do, be, or have anything you want, if you clean u your thoughts!

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