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How do affirmations work?

How do affirmations work?

how do affirmations work?

How do affirmations work?

Affirmations are targeted sentences or phrases spoken repeatedly, designed to break negative thought cycles and encourage new positive beliefs.

You can use affirmations in any aspect of your life to create positive change, whether it be your relationship, abundance, health or self esteem.

Your brain believes everything you tell it and reacts in a very literal way to the thoughts you are thinking.

For example if you say ‘I am looking forward to having the best time with my friends later‘ especially if you feel excited or happy while you think it, your brain will take this information and prepare you for the ‘best time’.

This can work in the same way with negative thoughts, for example if you are imagining a future situation being scary or uncomfortable and you feel the discomfort, your brain takes these emotions and then prepares you for that situation.


The law of attraction will then bring about similar situations to match the uncomfortable vibration you have been putting out with your thoughts.

This is why it is so important to train your brain to see the good and imagine positive outcomes. Affirmations are a great way to take control and begin creating new thought patterns.

There are many sources of affirmations both online and in many books. these are great to help you find positive ways of phrasing the things you want to create.

However it is also extremely beneficial to create your own specific, tailored affirmations, as they will relate directly to what you would like to attract or change.

You will also be more likely to believe them if they are in your own words.


Creating your own affirmations

It is important that you make the affirmation in the present tense so that your brain will respond to it, anything said in past tense will not activate any sort of change in the brain.

They also need to include only positive phrases, for example saying ‘I don’t want to get sick‘ wont work as the brain can’t think in negatives and will just take on board the word sick. In saying this phrase you are focusing on being sick, and that is what you will attract.

Saying a positive phrase such as ‘I am embracing the abundance of health that radiates from my body‘ will work amazingly as you are focusing on what you DO want.

In creating your own affirmation you also need to make sure that it is spoken with a definite statement that implies a fact. Saying ‘I am in a relationship with the man of my dreams‘ will work way better than ‘One day I will attract my perfect relationship

It is helpful to make a list of all of the areas you would like to work on, and create positive affirmations in present tense for each.

For example if one of my topics
were self esteem, I could construct several affirmations related to that issue:

-I am enough, just as I am

-I am special, unique and have
plenty to offer

-I am filled with love and recieve love and respect in return

-I am a well loved and respected person

-The only opinion that matters to me is my own

-I am worthy of love and respect


What if your affirmations don’t feel true when you say them?

When you have spent so much time believing the opposite of what your affirmations say, it can feel false or made up to suddenly start saying that you love your body when you feel overweight.

If you are saying your affirmation and it feels wrong or uncomfortable, this is a good sign that this is an area where you need to keep saying your affirmations.

The brain is a creature of habit and loves repetition, and the more you say positive affirmations, the more likely it is that you will come to believe them. The repetition will strengthen the connections in your brain that allow the belief to form.

When a baby is learning to walk they may stumble or fall a good few times before they can properly walk, affirmations are similar in that you need to practice practice practice!


Do affirmations work?

There some people who claim that affirmations don’t work. I strongly believe that they do work, I mean for how
many years have your negative ones been reinforced and worked for you?

The human brain has around 60,000 thoughts per day.The majority of these thoughts are negative, so it can seem a bit strange at first saying affirmations which are the complete opposite to what you have been thinking on a loop for many many years.

However it is possible to break this cycle and start a new positive one. The key is practice, a belief is just a thought you have repeatedly been thinking.

Through this repetitive thought, the law of attraction has then brought you ‘proof’ that your beliefs are real.

So if you believed you were worthless and put out that vibration with your thoughts, you would mirror back situations that would reinforce this to you and strengthen the belief.

So although it may seem difficult to begin with, it is definitely possible that you can embed these new positive
affirmations and beliefs into your subconscious and begin to see amazing results.

As mentioned before the brain is a creature of habit, so the key is to keep at it and try to be aware of the thoughts that are going through your head.

When you are conscious of what you are thinking, you can see what thoughts make you spiral and replace them with positive affirmations.

Another great idea is to put affirmations in places where you can see them constantly such as your bedroom wall or in your car.

I have had amazing success using affirmations, and a great way I have been supercharging my affirmations is with
this amazing software called Subliminal 360. You can choose affirmations or make up your own and have them subliminally flash in the background of your laptop or computer screen, they may be too quick for you to see, but your brain sees them! Check out my review of this product.

I hope I have convinced you to create some awesome affirmations and repeat them daily!

Wishing you an abundance of joy,


P.s. You’re Awesome


16 thoughts on “How do affirmations work?”

  • Affirmations are so important for any of us with depression or self-worth issues. In some treatment centers, patients are required to say affirmations 100 times a day. You can see people transform the further they get into this process. it’s all about taking control of our brains and rewiring them for success in life. thanks for the great post!

    • Penelope your comment makes so much sense, it is definitely ALL about requiring our brains and taking control, and affirmations are an amazing way of doing that!

  • Affirmations absolutely do work! You are what you think, I always say. I’m currently thinking ‘trim and healthy’ and my body is behaving to be exactly that. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy really. Great post, yet again x

  • It was really therapeutic to read your post. I read about something similar in “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill called auto suggestion. In short, what we think reflects in reality. Our brain is the most powerful organ in our body for a reason. Meta-thinking is important for living the good life. Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

    • Alex so glad you enjoyed the post! Think and grow rich is an amazing book and you are so right in saying that the brain is the most powerful organ in the body, thoughts really do become things and affirmations are an amazing way to take control of this and create an amazing life!

  • I’m an affiermationist and haved use this powerful skill over the past years to change my state of emotion or achieve goals that seemed difficult.

    I have now integrated affirmation into my morning ritual to make the state change early in the day.

    Loved this post and look forward to many more.

    • Thanks for the comment vince! I use affirmations every day too and I really do believe in their power! I completely agree that affirmations work best early in the morning to set your mindset for the day!

    • yes, in order for affirmations to work they need to be said in present tense, for example if you created an affirmation of ‘one day i will have my dream car’ you are saying that you will have your car in the future, meaning that the law of attraction will keep bringing back to you a feeling of having the car some time in the future. Whereas if you say ‘my dream car is mine today’ you are affirming that you already HAVE your dream car, and therefore the law of attraction will kick in to bring you your dream car as you are thinking and feeling like it is already yours. Hope this makes sense, let me know if you need any more clarification!

  • Positive Affirmations always work when you believe them yourself. Sometimes people just say them to say them that does not quite work as well. When I am teaching my clients I make sure they know the distinction. Very good post and some great affirmations.

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