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EAR all about it…

EAR all about it…

So something funny happened to me today that gave me an amazing reminder of how powerful our thoughts really are.

I had been busy all morning with my cranky 18 month old who had a sore ear and was refusing to nap. At around lunch time I decided to take him on a walk to try and get him to have a sleep.

I made sure I had¬†everything packed away for the walk, milk, snacks, toys, nappies, the kitchen sink. The pram looked like Fred Flintstone’s car, precariously teetering along with the big rack of ribs hanging off it.

The last thing I needed was my headphones, as I like to listen to an audio book on the route.

I tore my room apart and could not find them anywhere, I have about three pairs that are the same make but there was no sign and sensing my son’s patience wearing thin (he threw a mega block at my head). I quickly headed off on our walk, feeling a bit annoyed that I couldn’t listen to my favourite Abraham Hicks audiobook on the way.

The usual walk we go on takes about an hour, around half way through there is a large hill which is lovingly referred to by the people in my area as ‘heart attack hill’.

I braced myself and wheezed up this monster calf workout with the pram, and stopped about half way to put my lungs back in my chest.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see something on the ground beside the pram, and when I looked down it was a pair of earphones, the exact same white earphones that I was looking for back home.

I burst out laughing and stared at them, I mean what are the chances that on the day I needed my earphones the universe would send me a pair as a joke.

I don’t believe in coincidences. I mean if I had lost an old scrunched up can of beer, or a half eaten bag of Wotsits there would be a high chance I would find that every day of the week on my walks, but iPhone earphones, it was just lined up too brilliantly.

I continued on my walk with a huge smile on my face, I didn’t pick up the earphones incase someone had lost them but I did laugh at the universe sending me a funny reminder of how your thoughts become things!

Please comment below if you have any stories similar to this, I would love to hear!

Wishing you avalanches of joy


P.s. You’re awesome


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