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Does The Raikov Effect Really Work? An Unbiased Review

Does The Raikov Effect Really Work? An Unbiased Review


Have you ever imagined a time in the future, where you would be able to ‘download and install’ more confidence, a millionaire mindset or more charisma?


A way to choose an attribute you would like to turn on in your brain in just ten minutes?


Sounds crazy doesn’t it? well rather than waiting a few hundred years for this crazy idea, you don’t have to wait at all, as this is what the guys over a Raikov.com are claiming with their new product, the Raikov effect.


This all seems pretty wacky i’m sure you’ll agree, but like I was, I am sure you are definitely intrigued. I hope to provide some clarity with an honest and unbiased review.


So, What does it do?


The site says you can boost your IQ, self esteem, grow your business, or become a musical maestro (even if you’ve never touched an instrument) … doing nothing more than plugging into your smartphone, tablet, or computer for a few short minutes.


raikov effect review


Raikov.com claims you can instantly “inherit” the genius of folks like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Einstein, DaVinci, or even that friend or colleague you’ve always admired… just by listening to an MP3.


They are all pretty big claims, being skeptical I had to check it out for myself and see if it really is all hype.



The Russian Neuropsychologist and His Amazing Secrets Revealed


I had heard of the Raikov effect a few times in passing on numerous websites, and it was always something I meant to look into at a later date…but never got round to it.


Eventually I delved into some research on this mysterious ‘effect’, and found out a lot more information on it’s origin.

It all begins with the work of a neuropsychologist, Dr. Vladamir Raikov.


This brainy dude carried out a number of experiments using a 7-step method, and was able to ‘short circuit’ the normal patterns in the brain and create a sort of fast track shortcut to instant genius.


The results of Dr. Raikov’s original experiments are well documented. A Google search will pull up a ton of results you can check out for yourself, including how his protocol turned a couple of unsuspecting students into master painters and pianists after just one session in his ‘lab.’


But, an at-home program that promises the same kinds of results? Highly unlikely, right?



The Shocking Science Behind The Raikov Effect


Raikov.com claims it’s created a new and improved version of Dr. Raikov’s original 7-step protocol.


According to the website, the new Raikov Effect was designed specifically so that:


  • It can be self-administered from the privacy and comfort of your own home,
  • It is as easy to use as listening to a 10-minute MP3, and
  • It is guaranteed to work (they even offer a 365-day Money Back Guarantee)


Raikov.com states you can instantly turn on any talent or skill you want. Here are few they list on their site: problem solving, motivation, creativity, deep thinking, confidence, power, success, public speaking, self-mastery, and a millionaire mindset.


Hotwiring Your Brain for Unlimited Success!


The Pitch. I headed over to the Raikov Effect website at Raikov.com. The site is actually really informative and includes a helpful and interesting video presentation that outlines the decades-old secrets behind Dr. Raikov’s work.


Getting Started. Signing up was easy, and when I got started with the program everything was self-explanatory and simple to understand.


You just choose the genius you want to “install” and begin. It can be anything you want – from turning on your millionaire mindset to becoming an artist or musician and everything in between.


Then, you just follow along with the program. It guides you each step of the way. There’s no guessing or trying to figure it out for yourself.


My Experience with the Raikov Effect


For my first session, I decided to “download & install” improved public speaking skills.


I was giving a talk a couple of hours later, so I figured this would be a good way to help myself and test the program.


Think You Can Become a Genius in 10 Minutes?


My Results: I’ve always thought I was a decent speaker. But when it came to giving my talk later that day, after following the 10-minute Raikov Effect technique, my performance had genuinely improved.


I felt more dynamic, wittier, and more inspired than I’d been in quite some time.


The technique works by ‘mirroring’ or ‘modelling’ yourself on geniuses in your chosen area. In my case, choosing a great speaker and downloading their talents. And it really worked.


My speech was absolutely effortless, and I felt totally connected, engaged and in sync with the audience.


It may, of course, have been coincidence. But I don’t think so, and I’m already planning on using this technique for improving my focus levels, writing ability, and relationships.


When you read the full guide to understand how the technique works on a deep level, you start to realize that it is truly genius itself.


The Raikov Effect outperformed my expectations (and that’s not easy to do). And the real kicker is how fast it works… 10 quick minutes.


raikov effect review


raikov effect review


Conclusion: Would I Recommend The Raikov Effect?


So do I think the Raikov effect works? In my opinion I actually do


I think it is wrapped up in a lot of hype and good sales pitch, but once you dive through all of that what you have is a really useful technique that you can use to change your life


I think the best thing about the Raikov effect is that it has a 365 day money back guarantee, I don’t think the company would be offering that unless they were pretty confident in viability of the product.


There really is no risk in trying out this product, I have been trying and testing out a lot of self help programmes and courses for a long time now, and I have to say that although it does make some big promises, this product has impressed me.


The Raikov effect is backed by self growth heavyweights such as Bob Doyle, Dr Joe Vitale, Lily Jensen and Carol Hansen, and they have provided glowing testimonies alongside numerous customers who have found incredible benefits in using this product.


If you do decide to check out The Raikov effect, please let me know what you think, or if you have any comments please let me know below, I do love to hear from you all!


raikov effect review


Rating: 9/10


Pros: Reasonable price, great technique that produces tangible results and a one year guarantee


Cons: Huge hype surrounding product, no telephone support

4 thoughts on “Does The Raikov Effect Really Work? An Unbiased Review”

  • Interesting product, to be honest, I have never heard of this product until today despite the hype that you claimed. I have always been a firm believer of success coming from the mind, this Ralkov Effect seems like something worth looking into. Especially with its 365 money back guarantee policy.

    • thanks for the comment levon, you are so right when you say that success is all within the mind! it really is a great product, and the 365 day money back guarantee backs that up even more!

  • Hi Colleen

    My experience with the Raikov effect well it WORKS! Did it on my 13 year old. To improve his football my god it did that was just one session!
    Honestly people should get this. Next we will use a great genius to improve his English skills. Then his running skills my son is super excited!
    Next I be doing it on me as i been very down lately so hopefully it will help pull me out of my funk.

    • Suzanne thanks so much for the great comment, i am so happy to hear you got such great results with your son! sorry to hear you have been feeling down lately, i hope you can utilise the amazing power of the Raikov effect to enhance your mood, try reading through a few of my other articles for some great tips on how to lift your mood and feel more positive 🙂

      All the best


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