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Day 9: Meditation

Day 9: Meditation

Day 9 of the 21 Awesome Days Challenge!

Hi Awesome people!

How are you? I hope everything is going great and that you are excited for Day 9 of our challenge!

I’m sure when you signed up for this challenge you knew that meditation was going to be a theme mentioned, well today is the day!

I started meditating when I was 19, so nearly 10 years ago. When I first started I have to admit I found it frustrating and difficult, and got mad at myself that I didn’t just get it straight away.

I would sit there in silence having an internal war with my thoughts, trying to banish each one from my head and getting annoyed when my thoughts carried me with them.

Fast forward to today and my whole perception of meditation has changed, and I actually look forward to doing it every day, even if its just for a few minutes or so.

I came to realise that I am not my thoughts, I don’t have to banish them from my head so I can be perfectly silent. I can observe these thoughts from a distance and let them float away like coloured balloons.

I learned over time that practice indeed makes perfect and the most important thing is not to get frustrated with myself, just go back and try again.

There are countless benefits of meditating regularly, here are some I have found;

• I now rarely have any critical inner dialogue
• People irritate me much less and I have space between my thoughts and reactions
• I find myself being more creative
• I’m a lot more capable of dealing with stressful situations,
• I find it so much easier to stay calm and relaxed
• I find it way easier to be in the moment and appreciate it
• I feel a lot more in control of my thoughts and I’m capable of dealing with painful thoughts in a healthy way

I really feel that meditation takes the edge off my day and paves the way for great things to happen!

Getting your mind to a state of quiet is great for connecting to your higher self and releasing resistance, which in turn helps you to feel happier and allow all the good life has to offer.

There are countless ways to meditate, but I generally find that a guided meditation is great to start with because it gives your brain something to focus on. Here is an awesome meditation that I absolutely love!

Today’s challenge is to meditate, whether you want to set a timer and focus on your breathing, look at a candle flickering, listen to a YouTube video, whatever you feel will work best for you.

You can start by doing just 5 minutes and progress or go straight into a 40 minute guided meditation like the one above. Find what suits you.

I promise that this is one of the best habits you can adopt for a higher vibration and that persistence and compassion for yourself is key.

As always let me know if you enjoyed the challenge and if you would like each challenge sent to your inbox, sign up via this link- https://app.getresponse.com/site2/colleen_244014?u=SAbzp&webforms_id=13578202

Wishing you an abundance of joy


P.s. You’re awesome

P.p.s If you are a complete newbie to meditating check out this programme, I started it about two years ago and worked my way through each level. It only takes 12 minutes a day and you can train your body into crazy levels of relaxation using the brainwave entrainment in each track!

P.p.p.s Check out this blog post on 7 benefits of meditation!

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