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Day 6: Positive Aspects List

Day 6: Positive Aspects List

Day 6 of the 21 Awesome Days Challenge!

Hey gang,

We are currently on Day 6 of our challenge! It is flying in and today’s challenge is a good one!

So this one is inspired by Abraham Hicks, who if you hadn’t guessed I am a big fan of…

The Law of Attraction states that our current reality has been created by the thoughts we have put out into the universe which have then been attracted back to us.

So I want you to think about someone you don’t get along with, anyone who really grinds your gears. Could be a family member, friend or work colleague.

Next I want you to get a good old fashioned pen and paper and write a list of everything you like about them.

May sound strange and even difficult, but changing your thoughts from negative to positive will do wonders with what you attract from that person the next time you see them.

I had someone in my life who I had a lot of resentment and anger towards that had built up over years and years.

When first trying to do this exercise I stared at a blank page for ages, then I tried to think broad and write something generic.

I came up with ‘they have nice handwriting’, well it was a start.

After that the aspects started to flow and I soon realised I had a huge list of things I actually liked about this person, buried under all the resentment. I felt an instant shift in my vibration.

I slowly noticed that the more good I saw in this person and focused on, the better our encounters became and over time I ended up getting along really well with them.

Even if you can’t think of anything good to write about this person, try writing what aspects you would like to see in the person

e.g. I really love how kind ____ is to me, or
_____ is so fun to be around.

In doing this you are dramatically shifting the old negative energy and opening yourself up to a new relationship with this person.

Try it and of course let me know if it works for you! If you would like each day of the 21 Awesome Days Challenge sent to your inbox, sign up via this link- https://app.getresponse.com/site2/colleen_244014?u=SAbzp&webforms_id=13578202

See you tomorrow for more fun 🙂

Wishing you an abundance of joy,


P.s. You’re awesome

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