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Day 5: Positive Password

Day 5: Positive Password

Day 5 of the 21 Awesome Days Challenge!

So the idea of today’s challenge is to create a positive password. We spend every day logging into our email, social media, bank accounts etc, why not change a password or two to a positive affirmation?

Great idea isn’t it?

You could have a phrase that reminds you to be happy or positive, or one that reinforces that you are worthy or enough, or even just something that makes you smile or feel good.

Include positive word or phrase but still include numbers, symbols, upper/lower case letters to keep your accounts/profiles safe.

Make sure it’s something you log into regularly so you are constantly reinforcing it in your head!

This one works so well if you have something you log into every day. You could even make a password that reminds you to take a daily action such as giving someone a compliment or doing a small act of kindness.

Hope you like today’s challenge, as always let me know if anything works well for you and if you would like each day of the 21 Day Awesome Days Challenge sent to your inbox, sign up via this link- https://app.getresponse.com/site2/colleen_244014?u=SAbzp&webforms_id=13578202

I’ll see you tomorrow for the next challenge!!

Wishing you an abundance of joy


P.s. You’re awesome

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