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Day 4: Social Media Break

Day 4: Social Media Break

Day 4 of the 21 Awesome Days Challenge!

Today’s one may by a toughie for those who are big on social media, but if you find that it’s something you would like to sustain, the benefits are amazing!

About a year ago I realised that I was constantly checking social media and feeling quite anxious. Continually refreshing my feeds or viewing Snapchats, only to only end up getting annoyed at the stupid stuff everyone was writing.

I would fill the gaps of my day fervently checking how many likes I got on a super cute pic of my son. I would also get irrationally angry at the fact that Sandra felt the need to check in to her local supermarket or that Andy had a Chicken Caesar salad for his lunch..

I decided I needed a break and once I was off it for a few days, that panic and need to check slowly lifted and I felt so much more free.

I no longer felt the need to share my life with a bunch people, the majority of whom I would walk across the street to avoid if I ever seen them in public. It was quite liberating!

I do log in every now and again just to check up on cat memes etc, but my whole attitude towards it is so much healthier, and i’m a lot more present in my day.

So for today the task is to spend a whole 24 hours off personal social media, obviously if you need it for work purposes that’s different but staying off your own stuff is the goal.

It may feel very strange at first but whenever you get an urge to check Facebook or twitter, try to mindfully notice what’s going on around you instead.

Take some deep breaths and really notice where you are.

Is there anything you are grateful for in that moment?

Use your senses to fully absorb yourself in the present moment. I promise you it is way more satisfying than taking a snapchat of your dinner.

Oftentimes we use social media as a way to fill in the ‘boring’ gaps of our day. However in doing this exercise, you may start to realise that the so-called ‘dull’ parts of your day are actually amazing and that the point of power is in the present moment!

Alongside being more present in your day without social media, the detachment from needing people to see what you are doing or checking/judging other people’s posts is so empowering.

And while I am not saying for you to go off social media for life, even just trying one day without it can open you up to a higher vibration and an increased ability to enjoy living in the moment.

Remember not to be hard on yourself if you do sneek a peek on Facebook and just start again.

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Good luck and I will see you tomorrow!

Wishing you an abundance of joy


P.s. You’re awesome

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