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Day 21: Treat Yoself

Day 21: Treat Yoself

Day 21 of the 21 Awesome Days Challenge!

Hello awesome people!

It feels like the last day of school or something!

Resisting the urge to get you all to sign my yearbook, I want to say a HUGE congratulations and THANK YOU for trying out this 21 Awesome Days Challenge!

Even if you’ve not had the time to try everything out or skipped some challenges, the fact that you are open and willing to try even one or two is an amazing thing!

If you’ve tried and not been able to raise your vibration or improve the joy in your life in any way, then it may not be the right timing and perhaps you can come back to these emails at another time.

Today’s challenge is going to be easy and fun, I want you to be selfish and take time out for yourself to do something that brings you genuine joy!

Go for a walk, meet a friend, take a nap, cook something you love to eat, have a bath with candles, read a book, anything at all that will bring you happiness and joy.

I love to read and when I get ten minutes or so to myself, I get comfy and dig in to my newest book.

It’s so important in raising your vibration to take time out and be selfish for yourself. We often spend so much of our time looking after everyone else that we forget that in order to be at out best we need to primarily feel good in ourselves.

So that’s it then folks, 21 Awesome Days have been had! Thank you so much again for taking part and as always please share this challenge with anyone who will benefit!

Feel free to follow my blog for more insights and content 🙂

I genuinely wish you an abundance of joy {> {> {>


P.s. You really are awesome 🙂

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