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Day 17: Mindfulness

Day 17: Mindfulness

Day 17 of the 21 Awesome Days Challenge!

Hey everyone I hope you are feeling awesome!

Today’s challenge will revolve around mindfulness.

I have mentioned mindfulness a lot over this challenge in a few different contexts but today we will be trying out some simple mindfulness.

Mindfulness involves you consciously observing the thoughts in your mind without judgement or emotional charge.

It’s about stepping back and realising that you are not your thoughts. When you observe them with a gentle curiosity you will notice that they come and go, by observing them floating in and out of your head rather than struggling with them.

You may have heard the phrase ‘what you resist, persists’. In acknowledging that you are separate from your thoughts you are exercising more control rather than getting caught up in a thought and letting yourself run away with it.

By not trying to force any thoughts out of your head, you are letting them gently float by without any struggle.

An easy mindfulness practice involves simply focusing on your breathing while observing your thoughts float through your mind.

You may find some thoughts grab your attention and spiral on to more thoughts of the same vibration, that’s perfectly OK and normal. You just need to gently bring your attention back to your breath once you realise.

You can also do a body scan or focus on your 5 senses as a way to ground yourself and be mindful.

It’s as simple as that, and there’s no right or wrong way, your not bad if you let your thoughts carry you away, it’s just something that you will get brilliant at with more and more practice if you decide to.

The point of power is in the present moment and rather than replaying the past or worrying about the future, you can take notice now and improve your vibration in the process.

Today’s challenge is to practice 5 or 10 minutes of mindfulness, using any technique mentioned above. You can be laying down focusing on your breath and gently bringing your attention back to your breath when your mind wanders. Or even focusing on your five senses while waiting for the bus, and gently bring your attention back to your body if your mind wanders.

You can get some amazing mindfulness meditations on YouTube and there are also some great apps that will talk you through the process, such as Headspace and Stop Breathe & Think (my personal favourite).

I hope you see the benefits in being more mindful throughout your day, it really is great. Once I noticed how lethargic and distant I was in my day, I began to practice mindfulness. After practicing a LOT, I can say the clarity and benefits are incredible.

I also love that I very rarely get carried away into a panic thinking about the past or worrying about the future, i’m happy and content in the present moment to let everything unfold as it is.

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Until tomorrow,

Wishing you an abundance of joy


P.s. You’re aweseome

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