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Day 14:Win List

Day 14:Win List

Day 14 of the 21 Awesome Days Challenge!

Why hello there!

Day 14 has arrived! Woohooo!

So a great way to raise your vibration is to make a huge list of all of the amazing things you have done in your life so far.

It could be something as silly as you assembled a flat pack wardrobe on your own, or as big as creating your own business or graduating from school or university.

This is your list of wins so include anything and everything that makes you feel good 🙂

I have a huge drawn out list of things, for example I am so freaking proud that I passed my driving test, I still feel so buzzed and happy at the fact that I did it.

Keep your win list on your phone and if you ever feel your vibration dipping, pull it out and marvel at how awesome you are.

It is impossible to feel a negative and positive thought at the same time so override any negativity with something that makes you feel instantly happy.

Wishing you an abundance of joy


P.s. You’re awesome

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