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Day 11: Affirmations

Day 11: Affirmations

Day 11 of the 21 Awesome Days Challenge!

Hi you great bunch!

Welcome to day 11 of the 21 Awesome Day Challenge!

Following on from mirror work by Louise Hay yesterday, we are going to be doing something else Louise was passionate about- affirmations!

Affirmations are a great practice to train your mind to release any negative beliefs that you have.

I have an entire wall of affirmations in my bedroom that I have hand drawn and coloured in (cuz i’m cool). Every morning when I wake up I read over them and can’t help but smile.

Today I want you to get an affirmation that you really like and I would like you to repeat it as often as you can throughout the day.

You can do a general affirmation or something directed towards something you want.

Even if you don’t fully believe it at first keep going because a belief is just a thought you have repeatedly thought, and a thought can be changed.

Here are examples of some of my favourites:

• Everything is always working out for me
• My income is constantly increasing
• I am in a constant state of gratitude
• Whatever I need comes to me in divine timing
• Life supports my in every possible way
• Life brings me only good
• I am in control of my thoughts and emotions
• I am filled with joy no matter what
• I am deeply fulfilled by all that I do

You can make up your own or copy one from above, try to have it on a loop in your head and try to feel good when you say it.

I love repeating my affirmations and smiling and feeling good, my vibration just soars and I am sure to have the best day!

If you would like each day of the 21 Awesome Days Challenge sent to your inbox, sign up via this link- https://app.getresponse.com/site2/colleen_244014?u=SAbzp&webforms_id=13578202

Wishing you an abundance of joy


P.s. You’re awesome

P.p.s. If you want to supercharge your affirmations check out this amazing software, I use it every day and it runs in the background while I use my laptop! (Note: I am only recommending this because it is a product I genuinely use and get great benefit from)

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