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Benefits Of A Himalayan Salt Lamp

Benefits Of A Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamps are well known for creating a mindful atmosphere and also as a beautiful eco-friendly light source. These gorgeous lamps have gained huge popularity within the past few years and aside from looking awesome and creating a brilliant ambience, there are also amazing benefits from having them in your home.

As an owner of many Himalayan Salt Lamps, I am going to outline some of the best benefits and also reveal my top picks for where to buy the best lamps.


What Are Himalayan Salt Lamps

So for those who have never heard of a salt lamp and are imagining a strange table lamp with a salt shaker attached, I thought it may be beneficial to go over what a Himalayan Salt Lamp is.

Himalayan Salt Lamps are essentially large lumps of natural pink salt, mined from the foothills of the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan. Once mined a hole is drilled into the bottom of the salt where a wooden base and a small heated bulb is attached. The lamps emit a beautiful campfire glow which can range from light pink through to orange depending on the mineral concentration.

The lamps can be solid large salt pieces such as this one, to smaller chunks like this one, or even carved ones like this duck shaped one. The salt that is mined is hundreds of millions of years old with a high mineral content, and the glow the salt emits when heated can create a soothing relaxing environment, promoting mindfulness and peace.


How Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Work?

Salt is hygroscopic which means that it attracts in moisture from the surrounding environment. This quality enables salt lamps to purify the air by drawing in harmful molecules, the bulb then heats the salt crystal causing it to release moisture back into the air, but the impurities stay locked within the lamp.

Aside from the hydroscopic elements, Himalayan Salt Lamps also emit negative ions into the surrounding environment.

An ion is basically an atom that has lost an electron. A negative ion is usually an oxygen molecule that has gained an electron and a positive ion is usually a carbon dioxide molecule that has lost an electron.

Negative ions are known to have great effects on reducing air pollution and are found in great quantities in nature, being produced by ocean waves, lightening storms and waterfalls.

In fresh country air there can be as many as 4,000 negative ions per cubic centimetre, and there can be as many as 10,000 near a waterfall. This is why many of us feel fresh and revived after being near the sea or after a rainstorm.

The amount of negative ions in built up areas can be as little as 100.

Once negative ions reach our blood stream, they are believed to cause biochemical reactions which cause an increase in the production of the feel good hormone serotonin which is known to alleviate depression, improve energy and reduce stress. Not only that but negative ions also kill bacteria and reduce the chance of infection.

Positive ions are essentially pollutants and in removing them from the air, creates a much fresher, cleaner environment to breathe. Positive ions are created by our electronic devices, and are also known as ‘electro smog‘ they can be emitted by many electronic devices such as TV’s, computers, internet modems and baby monitors.

Positive ions reduce oxygen to the brain and are associated with symptoms such as anxiety, poor sleep, respiratory difficulties, allergies, depression, irritability, headaches and migraines, to name a few.

The salt crystal naturally emits negative ions which then bond with the positive ions in the air and neutralise them, they also cause the newly bonded ions to become heavier and fall to the ground removing them from the air circulation. Some studies show that salt lamps can increase the negative ions in a room by 300%.

It’s the hygroscopic nature and the emitting of negative ions that makes these lamps so special, and in doing this, comes a lot of great benefits!


Benefits Of A Himalayan Salt Lamp

There are many amazing benefits of using a Himalayan salt lamp, here are a few of the best ones;


1.Salt Lamps Clean and Purify the Air

This is the most well known benefit of salt lamps. As mentioned above, the hygroscopic nature of salt means it is an amazing natural way to cleanse and purify the air in your homebenefits of a himalayan salt lamp. The salt absorbs moisture from the air (including mould, bacteria, dirt, smoke, pollen and other impurities), the salt is heated and the water then evaporates back into the air, but the impurities stay trapped within the salt crystal.


2. Better Energy Levels

Increased exposure to positive ions can lead to fatigue and exhaustion, whereas activities that involve large amounts of negative ions such as walks in nature, showers and being by the ocean all feel invigorating.

By neutralising the positive ions in the air of your home you are allowing yourself to feel more energy and vitality. If you feel extreme lethargy or tiredness on a regular basis try putting a salt lamp by your bed and see if you can feel the difference, I know I did!


3. Improved Sleep

Positive ions drain energy levels and also reduce the ability to replenish these during sleep. Another side effect of those pesky positive ions is that they reduce oxygen to the brain which can result in reduced sleep and fragmented sleep patterns. A great way to counter-act this is to use a salt lamp to neutralise the positive ions and flood your brain with blood and oxygen.

If you find that you cannot sleep unless the room is completely dark, you can leave your lamp on during the daytime to infuse your room with lovely negative ions and then have your room dark at night. Personally I find the glow to be extremely relaxing and soothing and I love to have it on during the night.


4. Neutralises ‘Electro-smog’

We all have so many different electrical devices at work in our homes whether it is to light our rooms or cook our food, and they emit electro-smog with prolonged use. Electro-smog refers to the electromagnetic radiation that flows from our electronic devices and can cause symptoms such as lethargy, a weakened immune system, anxiety and depression.

It can be extremely beneficial to keep a salt lamp next to your electronic devices for example on your desk beside your laptop, to neutralise the electromagnetic radiation being emitted from your devices.


5. Reduces Coughing

This is a benefit I have seen first hand with my son, he used to cough a lot at bedtime but this has completely stopped after a few weeks of a salt lamp being in his room! This is because of the cleansing of the air, but also because of the increased levels of negative ions in the air which improve your breathing mechanism, which can become sluggish and less efficient with prolonged exposure to positive ions.


6. Reduces Asthma Symptoms and Allergy’s

This was the main reason I purchased a lamp, I have had asthma since I was two, and always found an increased need to take my inhalers at night time. I had been told the lamps were good by a friend who had experienced an ease in their own asthma symptoms and decided to give it a go.

Since putting a large salt lamp into my bedroom I have found a drastic reduction in the need to take my inhaler at night. My lungs feel a lot stronger and the air in my room does feel a whole lot fresher and this is down to the lamp sucking in all of the allergens, mould, dust, mildew and all other nasty particles that irritate the lungs.

There are also Himalayan Salt Inhalers available, I have not personally tried these, but there seems to be rave reviews for them every where you look, you can find out more information by clicking here.


Where To Buy Himalayan Salt Lamps


There are countless testimonials of those who have had amazing positive benefits from using these lamps, myself benefits of a Himalayan salt lampbeing one of them. Being one who is interested in anything that raises energy and promotes a mindful environment, this was a must have for me and I am definitely enjoying the benefits.

With salt lamps it is important to buy from reputable suppliers to ensure that your lamp is both genuine Himalayan salt, and also safe with no fire hazards. I have researched this and I highly recommend my top picks below for producing high quality, safe salt lamps in a variety of sizes, styles and prices.


Himalayan Salt Lamp Sizes


The size of lamp depends on the size of room that you wish to put the lamp in. Generally speaking one pound of salt will cover 4×4 Sq.ft area room. You can either buy a big lamp or several smaller ones, and place them in various spots around the room.

Because the lamps are all individual and mined by hand, there are many many different sizes available, however there are some standard sizes that seem to be popular. The weight measurement will vary depending on where you order the lamps from, for example in the UK the lamps are weighed in kilograms and in the USA they are weighed in pounds.

The following table is a rough outline of 5 of the standard sizes and the size of room that they will effectively ionise. There are many sizes in between those stated below, but I have just included 5 popular sizes as a reference guide.


I chose a 5-7 kg lamp as a starter lamp, not actually realising how big and heavy they would actually be. I ordered four lamps (to the dismay of the delivery driver who had to lug them into my house) and placed them in different rooms. Sometimes it can take up to a week to really feel the difference so don’t be disheartened of you don’t feel a difference straight away.

If the lamps are in an area of high humidity they may weep, this has not happened to me but it can be helpful to place the lamp on a saucer if you are in a humid climate, or are placing a lamp in a room with high humidity like the kitchen.


My Top Picks


Below are 5 recommendations of vendors to purchase Himalayan Salt products from. They are all genuine Himalayan salt, and all lamps come with a wooden stand an a heated bulb.



1. 7-10 kg (15-22lb) Large salt lamp from GeoFossils


  • I have purchased most of my lamps from here and found them to be excellent.
  • They are an ‘Amazon’s choice’  product which are selected by high ratings and great prices
  • 7-10kg size is big and will ionise a large living room
  • Best reviewed budget salt lamp on Amazon




2. 2-3kg (5-7lb) Himalayan Salt lamp from Himalayan Magic Lamps


  • Another ‘Amazon’s Choice’ Product which are selected for high quality and great prices
  • 2-3 kg in weight, 25.6 x 14.5 x 13.9 cm package dimensions, great for a small bedroom
  • Ethically sourced, genuine Himlalayan Salt
  • All lamps are EU tested and certified safe




3. 2-3kg (5-7lb) Salt Lamp with 4 bulbs from Source DIY



  • No 1 Best Seller for mood lighting on Amazon
  • 2-3 kg lamp comes with 4 spare bulbs
  • Over 1,700 reviews, with the vast majority being extremely positive
  • Other sizes available




4. 4-5kg (9-11lb) Himalayan Salt Lamp from Himalayan Salt Shop



  • Have been selling Himalayan Salt products for 11 years
  • An extremely well known genuine source of lamps, they also have an amazing range of other Himalayan salt products
  • Will effectively ionise a room of 12×12 Sq.ft
  • Best selling lamp, great as a starter lamp



5. WBM Tall Round Basket With Salt Chunks


  • Unique style of lamp
  • Comes in 5 different sizes
  • Free delivery in the UK
  • 6 foot power cord and dimmer cable





Whether you are looking to gain from the numerous health benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps, or you are looking for a way to enhance a meditative or mindful space, these lamps may be the perfect addition to add a therapeutic glow and re-energise your home.



28 thoughts on “Benefits Of A Himalayan Salt Lamp”

  • This page has been an eye opener for me. My son has some of these lamps in his home and I saw them as being like a bit of voodoo but refrained from saying so. You have enlightened me as to their purpose and benefits and I am consequently amazed and will have to give some thought to purchasing one. Can you tell me if they deteriorate over time or do they maintain their properties?
    I really like your layout and the way you have presented each of the lamps too.

    • Hi Judy thanks for the comment, I first saw the lamp when i was at my friends house and i thought they looked a bit strange! but now that i have one i actually love the glow and the benefits with my asthma have been amazing!
      The salt is hundreds of thousands of years old and it never loses it’s properties so it will keep ionising for a very very long time which is amazing as it means you will never need to replace the lamp (just maybe the bulb)
      Thanks for the lovely comment 🙂

  • Wow, I have never heard of a salt lamp. The benefits are amazing. So cool how it cleanses the air and it reduces asthma and allergy symptoms. It looks like it looks really pretty when it is lit up at night. I am so glad you have opened my eyes to this. I am going to share it. Thanks for the info!

    • melissa they are so pretty when lit up at night, they bring such a soothing atmosphere to the room, thanks so much for the comment and thanks for sharing also!

  • Hi Colleen.. thank you for a great article on himalayan salt lamps. I has heard of himalayan salt lamps however didn’t know much about them.

    I am so happy I stumbled across your page as your article has not only explained the benefits of himalayan salt lamp but also I want one now! 🙂

    Sadly, currently I am living in Turkey and the suppliers you mentioned don’t ship to Turkey.

    I guess I am going to have to wait until my next trip to London!

    I have bookmarked your site and will be visiting again to learn more.. keep up the good work!
    Best wishes

  • Holy cow this is an awesome site first off lol. Love the concept. But I can safely say I had no idea there even was a such thing as a Himalayan salt lamp, let alone the benefits that they provide. Imporved sleep is enough of an incentive to get one because I suffer from insomnia so it’s pretty bad. Do you think it could help with that??

    • thank you so much for your lovely comments i really appreciate it! sorry to hear you have trouble sleeping,the lamps definitely do help with insomnia, they emit negative ions into the atmosphere which help flood your brain with oxygen and prevent a disturbed or unsettled sleep, also the light they emit is so theraputic and extremely relaxing, perfect for winding down before bed, hope this answers your question!

  • Hi Colleen,

    These salt lamps are sure a conversation piece I am always asked by friends what is that? , I have had my lamp for many years. I liked is so much I bought a tea light candle holder, for my bedroom. I have given the salt lamps as gifts especially moving into a new house or apartment. love the site your information is spot on. I have saved your site in my favorites.


    • thanks so much karen i am glad you are getting some benefit from my site! and that is such a great idea to give them as a housewarming gift. I always thought the tea light candle holders looked lovely but i haven’t tried them myself, i may have to invest in some as i am now hooked!

  • I had no idea about Himalayan Salt. I learn something new today. I never knew such things exist and provide so many benefit to our body. Himalayan salt can neutralize Electro-Smog is really great because i always dealing with Electric and Electronic stuff. Thank you for the information. I will keep your sites in my bookmark to keep myself updated.


  • Always love to be learning about new things and I have never heard of Himalayan Salt Lamps until today. Loved your extensive , well researched and structured article, especially the background to the product. and how it works it’s magic to produce the health benefits.

    Of the 6 listed benefits, Better Energy Levels and Improved Sleep definitely appealed to me. Also there are easy to order through Amazon.

    • Thanks so much John, better energy levels is one of my favourite benefits, i used to feel quite lethargic in my bedroom, probably due to all of the electrical devices i have next to my bed, i now find the energy in my room a lot lighter and happier thanks to my lamp!

  • Wow what an informative post. What I knew about salt lamps are a decoration piece and thats it, I didnt knew that these lamps do have such benefits on our health as well. Thank you so much for sharing this and I will forward it to others as well.

  • This is was very enlightening. I cook with himalayan pink salt but have never tried a lamp. I know I read that the nutritional benefits are wonderful and I noticed it is such a luxurious salt. After reading your information about the lamps, I definitely plan to get one because I love all the positive health benefits that it offers, particularly for energy, cleansing and purifying air. Not to mention, it just looks very cool. Thank you.

    • thanks for the comment jacquie, yes I completely agree it is amazing to use in cooking! I love cooking with it, it definitely is a luxurious salt! 

      There are so many benefits to Himalayan salt they really are worth your while to try out with a lamp, you won’t regret it! 

  • I have owned 2 HIMALAYAN SALT LAMPs and absolutely love it. It is so warm and relaxing. I can watch it, like a candlelight, for a long time. Feel it, like I said, so relaxing.

    And like you say, it cleans the air around it which is a big extra bonus.

    Do you know if it has an effect on the light from it which lightbulbs you use?

    • I just LOVE the the relaxing glow they emit, it’s so calming and beautiful 🙂 I use a small heated bulb, usually 15 Watt I think!

  • Hey there,

    I didn’t know that this salt lamp came in handy like this. I think I will be getting right after this if it works that great with coughs.

    I have been having really painful coughs and was thinking it had to be my chest problems or something close to that. I’ll try it and see if its cleaning the air will help.

    • Hi Dave thanks for the comment, i found they work great for cleaning the air, if it isn’t a chest problem it could well be the dust/allergens etc in the air, hope you get it sorted either way!

  • I have a few of these lamps, but they’re with my husband and we’re currently living apart due to his work. I really need to get a new one for my space, because all the benefits you cite here feel totally true when I’ve used them. I also just like the calming ambiance of the color of the light, they’re super pretty.

    • they are gorgeous aren’t they! i use one almost as a night light and i have one in my son’s room that he loves, and as you say they really do bring amazing benefits to the living spaces they are in 🙂

  • Hi Colleen, this is amazing. Thank you for this information. I once saw this lamp in my in-laws and I thought it was just a decoration thing. I am humbled to now know that there is more to it. It made me want to have one here in the house. It also great to know that it comes in different sizes. Super thanks for this!

    • Hey JR no problem at all, so glad you like the article, yea it is great that there are so many different sizes so we have options for any sized room, i just love them!

  • Great info on Himalayan salt lamps. I new about some of their benefits but didn’t know they could neutralize electro smog. With our world now so populated by huge TV screens, tablets, phones etc., a salt lamp is probably crucial.
    I’ve considered buying one in the past but my indoor environment is very contemporary and I’ve yet to find a lamp that is a cool smooth shape rather than the more natural crystal shape. I think the light they give off would be very soft and relaxing.

    • thanks for the comment ann, yes the glow they give off is so relaxing,i’m looking at one of my lamps now as i write this and it adds such a therapeutic and calm atmosphere to the room!

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