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8 Tips For Using The Law Of Attraction That Give Results

8 Tips For Using The Law Of Attraction That Give Results


The Law of Attraction is at work every minute of every day, regardless of who is aware of it. Some people who are aware of it fail to use it to their advantage as they get too caught up in the silly things and block themselves off.

Here are my 8 tips for using the Law of Attraction to get real results 🙂

Many people get so caught up in the how’s and where’s and who’s, that they completely get in their own way and push anything they want so far away from them. They cannot even imagine what it is like to have the thing they desire the thing in the first place.

I used to do this all the time. I loved the Law of Attraction and did believe it, but I never got any results and it was because I was getting so worked up in everything and forgetting that manifesting is actually one of the easiest things in the world- if you believe so.

My new motto is ‘keep it simple’, if anything confusing or worrying comes into my head, I quickly remind myself that all I need to focus on right now is feeling good in this present moment. In doing that I am ensuring that all those other things I am anticipating will go smoothly as well- because I will be present and in alignment.

We often believe that working hard and sacrifice is the way to make things happen. Things can happen this way, but it isn’t an enjoyable or easy way to go about it. The fun is in the journey, and being in alignment will allow the most fun and joy- on the way to the things you want.


Feeling good = Alignment which then = The path of Least Resistance To What You Want


I now completely trust in the universe, and it is through this simplicity in thinking that everything I desire unfolds with perfect timing!

Here are 8 of my best Law of Attraction Tips, hopefully they will help you if you are in a funk!

Always remember – KEEP IT SIMPLE!


  1. Be grateful

  2. Don’t get annoyed at yourself if you don’t get it right away

  3. Don’t worry about ‘how’ your manifestation will come to you

  4. Enjoy the ‘little’ things

  5. Remind yourself that manifesting is ‘easy peasy’

  6. Write out scenarios of what it would feel like to have what you want

  7. Meditate

  8. Make it fun (play games)


Be Grateful

You have probably heard this one a lot in relation to the Law of Attraction, but that’s because it REALLY works.

8 tips for using the law of attraction that will give resultsBeing grateful is one of those things that can quite easily set you into alignment and leave you feeling so good.

No matter how bad we think things are going, there is always something to be grateful for.

The great thing with gratitude is that you can get completely carried away and raise your vibration so high, without even having to try that hard.

It is physically impossible to be feeling a positive and negative thought at the same time. In order to get yourself out of a funk, ask yourself ‘What am I grateful for?’

You may be surprised at the ridiculously huge list you may come up with, and with how good you will feel, a sure way to bring your manifestations to you at lightening speed.


Stop Getting Annoyed At Yourself If You Aren’t Seeing Instant Results

I think we are all guilty of doing this one, and to be honest it is expected, if you are really trying at something and not seeing results it can be frustrating and can cause you to feel self doubt and annoyance.

This was one I struggled with a lot at the start, I wanted to get it right first time and see results immediately, but as I8 tips for using the law of attraction that will give results had grown up with a certain set of beliefs, it did take time and perseverance to move past them and welcome in my new fluffy, positive outlook.

Getting annoyed and frustrated at yourself is a sure fire way to repel the good stuff you are wanting from reaching you.

As the law of attraction says, what you give out you will receive back, so if you are giving out feelings of frustration, you will continue to attract feeling frustrated.

The best thing you can do when you are getting annoyed is to remind yourself that it is a journey and that you are taking it step by step, remind yourself of how far you have come in your thinking and that there is plenty of time to master your thoughts.

It can then be handy to distract yourself with something that makes you feel good, even if it is something small like doing a puzzle or going on a walk, or even focusing your attention on the things you want to manifest and how good they feel.

You have to feel it as if you already have it to bring it to you, noticing it’s absence will just bring you more of that.


Don’t Worry About How It Will Come


Trust me when I say that the universe works in mysterious ways. And although it may seem inconceivable to you, the universe has numerous amazing and easy ways for something to make it’s way to you!

The great part is that you never need to worry about HOW anything will come to you, that’s the universe’s job. All you need to do is feel like it is already yours and find things that feel good in order to keep your alignment.

8 tips for using the law of attraction that will give resultsYou may find that things come into your life in the most unexpected and strange ways…I remember once asking the universe for a large amount of money.

I had grown up very focused on lack and money never stuck to me, if I ever got money I would spend it straight away and never had savings. I had asked for money many times before but never really believed it was coming to me.

Normally I would have been filled with doubt due to my inner programming from previous years, but one time I decided to throw caution to the wind and trust.

Although I had no job at the time and could not think of any way that the money could come to me, I made it my priority to turn away from any negative feelings about money and fill my days with things that feel good.

Two months later I randomly got an urge to check my online banking on my phone….I did a double take when I seen the balance was over £2300.00! It was completely out of the blue and astonishing, something that had never happened to me before!

A family member had come into some unexpected money and decided to send me some, and I also received a tax rebate that I had no idea I was due, both within a day of each other!

In giving up worrying over how the money was going to come to me, I decided to let the universe show me the amazing ways in which things can come about, and in return I was able to allow a large sum of money into my life.


Enjoy The ‘Little’ Things


This is a great tip for manifesting, and also for cultivating an amazing zest for life.

Life passes us by most of the time as we spend our time day dreaming and replaying the past or worrying about the future, but if you keep an eye out and really savour all the ‘little’ things that happen to you, you may find that your days become more magical and enjoyable.

I never noticed the little things around me until I began meditation and mindfulness and was much more present in8 tips for using the law of attraction that will give results my day.

I soon began to realise that there was a lot of amazing stuff going on around me that I barely even noticed because I was caught up in my own head.

The little things can vary for each person, for example I love a nice breeze or hearing my son laugh, or daffodils.

Using the small things that happen during your day to feel good and then amplifying the good feelings to create a high vibration, is what bring you right into alignment. This will enable you to receive guidance from your higher self which will lead you along the fun path (path of least resistance) to everything you have ever wanted.

And the great thing is that the more things you notice that feel good, the more the Law of Attraction will bring them to you!


Believe That Manifesting Is ‘Easy Peasy’


We know that an important part of using the law of attraction to your advantage is to change your old beliefs and programming.

We pick things up from our families and society itself and carry them into our own experience. The thing is, a belief is just a thought you have repeatedly thought and the law of attraction has then provided proof to you that has reinforced it in your head.

8 tips for using the law of attraction that will give resultsTake for example if you were told all your life that it was difficult to lose weight, if you take this on as a belief then the universe will bring you a constant finding it hard to lose weight.

Yet we all know of someone who eats anything they want and maintains a slim body weight.

You can blame it on metabolism, family history or just plain luck, but the truth is that a person who can eat all they want and never put on weight has adopted a belief (whether they realise it or not) that they can do so, and of course the law of attraction has then reinforced this belief.

The point is to change your beliefs and believe that manifesting is the easiest thing in the world to you.

Of course you probably aren’t going to believe it straight away as your brain is so used to your old ways of thinking, but give your brain some time and keep reminding yourself of your new belief.

Affirmations are great for this, you could create an affirmation such as;

“Everything I want Comes Easily And Frequently”

Persistence is key and if you ever doubt yourself, all you have to do is remind yourself that a belief is just a thought you have been repeatedly thinking, and a thought can be changed.


Write Out Wish Lists And Scenarios 


This one is probably an obvious one, but what better way to ‘act as if’ you have what you want, than by writing how it will feel to experience it!

I try once a day to take out a pen and paper (cuz i’m old fashioned) and write out ‘I love my life and here’s why’8 tips for using the law of attraction that will give results

I then write out in as much detail as I can create, dream scenarios of situations or things that I want to manifest into my life.

This is a great exercise as you can allow yourself to go crazy and really imagine the best scenarios possible, whether it’s what your body looks like, what your ideal partner is like, the home you want to live in, anything at all.

Try to feel excited and happy as you do this (it is hard not to), it’s hard not to feel elated when you imagine all the things you desire happening.

If you don’t want to write out in detail you could write wish lists daily, or create a vision board and place it somewhere you will see it daily, anything that works for you.





This is probably the most effective tip for manifesting that I can write about and if you get into a daily habit, you will not need long before you begin to see your life transforming.

8 tips for using the law of attraction that will give resultsMeditation is recommended by many as a way of relaxing the body and mind, but there are many more benefits to a daily practice of meditation.

The main benefit is that you are training your brain to take control of your thoughts.

Rather than getting carried into a spiral of negative or painful thoughts, meditation trains you to take a step back and realise that you aren’t your thoughts, and that the only moment that is real is the present moment.

In learning to quiet your mind you are allowing a clear connection to your ‘higher self’ or ‘source’.

Your ‘inner being’ will guide you along in the most enjoyable way possible to the things you want, and it is when your mind is quiet that you will receive the clearest nudges or guidance.

Many people often find they receive an ‘aha’ moment after quietening the mind. It is a great way to manifest amazing things into your life as your inner being knows exactly what you want, and also the best way to get there.

If you would like to begin meditating but aren’t sure of where to start, check out my beginners guide to meditation 🙂


Play Games


We all played games as children and I don’t know about you, but I remember it being so fun to play.

Instead of getting bogged down in the seriousness of life, why not play some games to help you with your manifesting.

There are many different things you can do to inject some fun and games into your manifesting.8 tips for using the law of attraction that will give results

For example Abraham Hicks recommend the following if you want to attract more money into your life.

Take a $50 dollar bill (or any kind of note that you have) and carry it around in your wallet or purse. The idea is to play games and pretend to spend the money multiple times during your day.

You aren’t actually spending it, but in having it physically with you and pretending to spend it again and again, you are completely changing your vibration around money.

You could take a walk around some shops and say to yourself ‘I think i’ll buy that coat’ imagine taking the money out of your pocket and handing it over. Then do it again and again until you have bought a number of things.

You could make up games everywhere in your day, for example before you eat any food you could pretend that you have place the food into a special machine that has removed all of the calories.

Or you could buy yourself some flowers and a card and pretend they are from your perfect partner.

Being as silly and playful as you can makes it all so much more fun, and is a great way to change your vibration to match what you want.


I hope you have enjoyed my tips, please let me know below if you like any of them or if you have any of your own that you like to do when using the Law of Attraction.


And if you would like to share this article please do 🙂


Happy manifesting {>


4 thoughts on “8 Tips For Using The Law Of Attraction That Give Results”

  • I love this post, it’s full of valuable reminders to get us out of day to day worry and funk, or just those feelings of helplessness. Helplessness is almost always optional – we have the ability to create and draw good things into our lives. I am 100% with you about the power of gratitude because there is always so much to be grateful for, and it’s the antidote to the stinkin thinkin!

    • So true penelope, and i can see you are a zig ziglar fan with your mention of stinkin thinkin!
      We most definitely have way more control over our lives that we think, we really can draw good things to us, i hope you are drawing lots of lovely things to yourself today, thanks for the comment 🙂

  • I like your new motto ‘keep it simple’, so true! My mom always says “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. I need to get back to affirmations and meditation. It really does make a difference along with gratitude. I have so many things to be thankful for so thank you for the reminder, great information. =)

    • It really does and sometimes a simple reminder is all it takes to get the ball rolling again, i wish you the best of luck and thanks so much for the comment!!

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