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7 Benefits of Meditation

7 Benefits of Meditation

7 Benefits of Meditation

Mediation has been around for many many years. However it is just recently that a daily practice of meditation is fast becoming a mainstream hobby.

With a growing body of evidence revealing how remarkable it can be, there are many benefits of meditation. Probably too many to even name, but 7 great benefits of meditation have made it into this post, may it encourage you to change your life and take up meditation yourself.


Benefit of Meditation 1: Decreases Stress

There is substantial growing evidence that meditation can significantly decrease stress.

This is turn reduces the impact of our day-to-day frustrations. It also prevents us from focusing on past annoyances, and future anticipation of things that will annoy us.

We tend to get stressed as a natural reaction to something that displeases or overwhelms us. However through meditation, you can slowly learn to distance yourself from your thoughts, and behave out of intent rather than reaction.

A University of Wisconsin-Madison research study found that meditation reduces grey matter density in the human brain in areas associated with stress and anxiety. Those who meditated regularly were also found to have less probability of having worries and obsessive thoughts.

Benefit of Meditation 2: Improves Creativity

When you meditate and quiet your mind, you are connecting with that state of being that is free from inner criticism and judgement, leaving you free to flow and connect with your true self.

It is in this state of mind where the great ‘aha’ moments occur, and where we get quiet nudges that enable us to be extremely creative. The mind is more focused and relaxed with meditation, allowing the brain to have full creative thought as it isn’t focusing all attention on getting carried away with and stress or emotions.

Most artists and writers usually get into a state of flow before they create something amazing. Despite thinking that this kind of brilliance is only available to the ‘talented people’ it is actually available to absolutely anyone.

I’m sure you have experienced a time where you have felt in full flow of what you were doing, meditation is essentially training the brain to focus and help you to come into a state where you are thriving in full flow.


Benefit of Meditation 3: Lowers Pain

A brand-new research study from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre discovered that mindfulness meditation lowered psychological discomfort by 44% and pain intensity by 27%.

This group had increased activation in higher-order brain regions that were connected with attention control and enhanced cognitive control.

They also showed a deactivation of the thalamus, which is associated with letting pain go into the brain.

Mindfulness meditation has actually been found in scientific trials to decrease chronic pain by 57 percent. Advanced meditators have also been found to decrease pain by over 90 percent.

Meditation has been shown to change the structure of the brain regarding pain, meaning that pain is not felt with the same level of intensity as before.



 Benefit Of Meditation 4: Boosts Psychological Strength and Resilience

Meditation is essentially strengthening and exercising the brain, and a regular habit builds more resiliency. This helps the mind recover quicker from psychological stress.

Just like exercising your muscles at the gym, activating and using your brain works in the same way. This makes you able to bounce back a lot quicker from stress, and see things with compassion and loving kindness.

Meditation trains the mind to focus on the present moment rather than getting carried away by worries or obsessions, which results in an increased emotional strength and ability to see things clearer.

It also allows you to distance yourself from your thoughts, enabling you create space between something happening and your reaction in certain situations.

With this increased emotional strength you are less likely to blindly react to something and more likely to weigh up the situation and respond in a way that will benefit you.



Benefit of Meditation 5: It reduces memory loss

We have previously covered how meditation is essentially mind strength training. One of the great results of regularly strengthening and exercising the mind with meditation is a prolonging of the brain.

Exercising and building your ‘mental muscle’ will help prevent memory loss in later life.

Aside from slowing down the premature ageing process of the brain, meditation also stimulates the parts of the brain associated with long term and short term memory.

Regularly stimulating and exercising these parts of your brain increases more room for retaining memories, both in the present moment and in time to come.

A main cause of memory loss is also due to a lack of focus, for example when forgetting the names of places or things, this may happen due to a lack of concentration.

As meditation teaches you to focus and be aware of the present moment, you are more likely to remember things like names and places as you are fully aware of what you are taking in and your brain will assign it significance.

Benefit of Meditation 6: It Reduces the Need For Sleep

Evidence suggests that those who meditate long-term need significantly less sleep. Buddhist texts suggest that proficient meditators need only 4 hours of sleep per night.

This reduced need for sleep is said to occur because of the increased production of Melatonin, stimulated by meditation.

Melatonin is significantly inhibited by stress, and studies have found that meditation significantly boosts the amount of Melatonin in the body!

It is Melatonin that is responsible for helping you reach a state of REM much faster and in turn reach more efficient and deeper levels of sleep. This means that you do not need as much sleep to achieve a fully rested state.

Meditation can also help you fall asleep faster as it encourages you to be present in the moment. This reduces the amount of time spent lamenting over past and future thoughts that most of us do just before we go to sleep.

Benefit of Meditation 7: Enhanced Decision Making

The relaxed state of mind that meditation creates allows the perfect environment for making clear, effective decisions.

When we are stressed the hormone cortisol floods our body and essentially gives us tunnel vision.

Things may seem bigger and more intense than they actually are, and we may see things only in black and white.

Calming the mind through meditation allows you to see things a lot clearer and be able to make better decisions in turn.

You will be a lot more focused and less likely to succumb to distractions, and you will also be open to seeing new ways of looking at things. This may offer positive solutions and outcomes that wouldn’t have been available to you if you were stressed.

You Don’t Even Need To Do It Very Long To See The Benefits

Even just meditating for 10-15 minutes a day can encourage positive changes in many different aspects of life. Considering it is free and involves one of my favourite past times- lying down, it makes total sense that developing a daily habit is extremely beneficial and worthwhile doing!

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Wishing you and abundance of joy,



24 thoughts on “7 Benefits of Meditation”

  • Hey there! I’m a college student and I’ve been stressing out lately. I wanted to decrease my stress level but I don’t know what to do. I already try having fun with my friends, buying stuffs for myself and eating food but it doesn’t help me. I didn’t know that meditation helps in decreasing stress level. I really appreciate your time sharing this 7 benefits of mediation. I will surely try meditating to get these 7 benefits.

    • hey John, I am so pleased you got some benefit out of this post! Meditation can help immensely with stress, especially around exam time. I remember when I was doing my dissertation I used meditation a lot to help me calm down, and it definitely helped the words flow!

      There are some great free apps you can try such as headspace or stop, breathe and think that will teach you how to meditate if you are a beginner.

      Thanks for the comment and good luck with the studies!

  • I love this post as there are some really useful and insightful points – i specifically struggle with getting enough sleep usually due to too many things going round and round in my head before going to sleep. Can you recommend any techniques or solutions before I settle down.
    Needing Less sleep would be a real bonus too !
    thanks again.

    • Hey James thanks for the great comment! With regard to your comment I would definitely recommend 10-15 mins of meditation or deep breathing before bed, this will slow your mind down and let you know it is time for sleep. Focusing on your breath will give you something to put your attention on which will prevent the usual bombardment of thoughts before bed, so many times I put on a meditation before bed and end up falling asleep during it because I am so relaxed!
      Hope this helps and all the best 🙂

    • Yes Eli it is definitely worth a try! You can try some great free apps that will teach you how to meditate such as headspace and stop breathe and think, let me know how you get on!

  • Hey there!
    I had no idea meditation would bring so many benefit to our health. I kept suffering memory loss until today still remain the same. I will give it a try by referring your post. Great information you had. I will keep your site in my bookmark. Cheers.


    • Jaden thanks so much for your kind comments, I’m so happy you enjoyed the post!
      You don’t even need to meditate for that long each day to notice the benefits so even just 10-15 minutes a day will really improve your memory!

  • My husband and I are into meditation. Your article has just reconfirmed all the reasons we need to keep this practice up! The benefits are really quite remarkable. My hubby has calmed down so much since starting and copes with stuff so much better now. My mother in law has just completed 10 days of silence meditation at a centre near Wales! Life changing stuff. Thank you for sharing.

    • the benefits really are remarkable aren’t they? it’s amazing that even 10-15 minutes a day can make huge improvements in your life. So glad to hear that you and your husband both meditate and congrats to your mother in law for completing 10 days of silence meditation, that is really impressive and i’m sure she really felt the benefits of it!

      thanks for the lovely comment


  • Hello Colleen
    I couldn’t agree more about the benefits of meditation are absolutely limitless. I am into yoga and I also meditate everyday and it is so rewarding. Meditation is a necessity for me I have had anxiety so if I don’t meditate I see myself getting carried away. It helps me sleep without thinking that I always tend to do. The best part as you mentioned is you need less sleep, I sleep only 5-6 hours a day and my body feels full of energy, its like a car that is so efficient without consuming too much fuel. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Hey Raman, thanks for the comment! i completely agree with you that meditation helps with anxiety so much, it gives you the clarity to see that you aren’t your thoughts, you are just an awareness of your thoughts, meaning you are less likely to get carried away in a tail spin.
      I completely agree also when you say you need less sleep, i have a young son and i believe that it is through meditating regularly that i am able to wake up feeling fresh, positive and filled with the energy needed to run after a two year old!

      Blessings to you and your family


  • Great post! :Lots of information, especially for those who don’t know about meditation. Loved the graphics too – very humorous!

  • I loved the article. My doctor told me this week to think about meditation so it is timely that I found your site. I intend to incorporate meditation into my daily habits. Thank you for the information.

    • LaVerne how amazing is it that you found this article after meditation had been recommended to you? That’s some great timing! I hope you definitely have a go at meditation and please let me know how you get on!

  • Its really worth reading your article, you shared very realistic benefits of meditation. I have been gone through depression for years, i used different medicines but it didn’t work as did meditation when i started. In the beginning i did daily for 15 minutes , now i do it twice a week or when i feel stressful. Believe me after practicing it I feel very relaxing and energetic and stress less. Thanks for sharing this informative article.

    • Sarah i’m so Happy to hear that you get such great benefit from meditation! It definitely does help with stress as it helps you to control your thoughts meaning you get carried away less often, thanks for the comment and I hope you continue to experience great benefits from meditation!

  • Hi Colleen,

    I have been meaning to try meditation for a while now, but just haven’t found the time. Reading these benefits though as really inspired me to try it out. I knew that there would be benefits, like decreasing stree. But I had no idea that it could help reduce memory loss. I have a shocking memory sometimes so anything that can help with that I am willing to try.

    Thanks again.

  • So I really like how the benefits is it helps creativity. And I really does. I have noticed when I do it, that ideas come out of nowhere that I would have never thought of. I have been doing meditation for quit a while, and I know for a fact that it makes a huge difference, especially when reacting to something. I no longer react, but respond accordingly. Thanks for the post.

    • i am exactly the same, it is so good for training the brain to respond rather than react, and the amazing clarity that comes from regularly meditating is incredible, it is something that can improve so many different aspects of your life and i’m so glad you agree too!

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