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50 Of The Most Inspiring Positive Quotes..EVER!

50 Of The Most Inspiring Positive Quotes..EVER!

Quotes are everywhere, on billboards, on our clothing, ALL over social media…

And for good reason too, there’s nothing quite like stumbling across a great quote that speaks to you directly, or that gives you a booster of motivation or strength.

Here are 50 of the most inspiring positive quotes ever..according to me 🙂

Please let me know which ones you like in the comments and if there are any other quotes that you love!



1. Life Is 10% What Happens To Us, And 90% How We React To It – Charles R. Swindoll


2. Make Your Life A Masterpiece; Imagine No Limits On What You Can Be, Have Or Do – Brian Tracy


3. Only I Can Change My Life. No One Can Do It For Me. – Carol Burnett


4. If You Are Always Trying To Be Normal, You Will Never Know How AMAZING You Can Be – Maya Angelou


5. I Can’t Change The Direction Of The Wind, But I Can Always Adjust My Sails To Always Reach The Destination. – Jimmy Dean


6. Happiness Is Letting Go Of What You Think Your Life Is Supposed To Look Like, And Celebrating It For Everything That It Is – Mandy Hale


7. If You Are Working On Something That You Really Care About, You Don’t Have To Be Pushed. The Vision Pulls You – Steve Jobs


8. People Who Are Crazy Enough To Think They Can Change The World, Are The Ones Who Do – Rob Stilanen


9. You Are Never Too Old To Set Another Goal Or To Dream A New Dream – C.S. Lewis


10. One Of The Lessons That I Grew Up With Was To Always Stay True To Your Yourself And Never Let What Somebody Else Says Distract You From Your Goals – Michelle Obama

11. Don’t Let Yesterday Take Up Too Much Of Today – Will Rodgers


12. The True Success Is The Person Who Invented Himself – Al Goldstein


13. Happiness Is Not Something You Postpone For The Future; It Is Something You Design For The Present – Jim Rohn


14. Today I choose Life. Every Morning When I Wake Up I Can Choose Joy, Happiness, Negativity, Pain… To Feel The Freedom That Comes From Being Able To Continue To Make Mistakes And Choices – Today I choose To Feel Life, Not To Deny Humanity, But To Embrace It – Kevyn Aucoin


15. No Act Of Kindness, However Small, Is Ever Wasted – Aesop


16. Keep Your Face Always Towards The Sunshine – And Shadows Will Always Fall Behind You – Walt Whitman


17. What We Think, We Become – Buddha


18. Someone Is Sitting In The Shade Today Because Someone Planted A Tree A Long Time Ago – Warren Buffet


19. Shoot For The Moon And If You Miss You Will Still Be Among The Stars – Les Brown


20. Thousands Of Candles Can Be Lighted From A Single Candle, And The Light Of The Candle Will Not Be Shortened. Happiness Never Decreases By Being Shared – Buddha


21. Your Present Circumstances Don’t Determine Where You Can Go; They Merely Determine Where You Start – Nido Qubein


22. It Is Never Too Late To Be What You Might Have Been – George Eliot


23. If You Always Put Limit On Everything You Do, Physical Or Anything Else. It Will Spread Into Your Work And Into Your Life. There Are No Limits. There Are Only Plateaus, And You Must Not Stay There. You Must Go Beyond Them – Bruce Lee


24. Love Is A fruit In Season At All Times, And Within Reach Of Every Hand – Mother Teresa


25. Follow Your Bliss And The Universe Will Open Doors Where There Were Only Walls – Joseph Campbell


26. How Wonderful Is It That Nobody Need Wait A Single Moment Before Starting To Improve The World – Anne Frank


27. The Limits Of The Possible Can Only Be Defined By Going Beyond Them Into The Impossible – Arthur C. Clarke


28. Nobody Is Superior. Nobody Is Inferior. But Nobody Is Equal Either. People Are Simply Unique. Incomparable. You Are You, I am I – Osho


29. My Philosophy Is: It’s None Of My Business What People Say Of Me. I Am What I Am And I Do What I Do. I Expect Nothing And Accept Everything. And It makes Life So Much Easier. – Anthony Hopkins


30. When I Run After What I Think I Want, My Days Are A Furnace Of Stress And Anxiety; If I Sit In My Own Place Of Patience, What I Need Flows To Me, And Without Pain. From This I Understand That What I Want Wants Me, Is Looking For Me And Attracting Me. There Is A Great Secret Here For Anyone Who Can Grasp It – Rumi


31. Be With  Someone Who Makes You Happy – Unknown


32. As I Began To Love Myself I Freed Myself Of Anything That Is No Good For My Health – Food, People, Things, Situations, And Everything That Drew Me Down And Away From Myself. At First I Called This Attitude A Healthy Egoism. Today I Know It As Love Of Oneself – Charlie Chaplin


33. Being Happy Is A Very Personal Thing And It Really Has Nothing To Do With Anything Else – Abraham


34. No One Saves Us But Ourselves. No One Can And No One May. We Ourselves Must Walk The Path – Buddha


35.  In A Gentle Way, You Can Shake The World – Mahatma Gandhi


36. Your Big Opportunity May Be Right Where You Are Now-  Napoleon Hill


37. From A Small Seed A Mighty Trunk May Grow – Aeschylus


38. Find Out Who You Are And Be That Person. That’s What Your Soul Was Put On This Earth To Be. Find That Truth, Live That Truth And Everything Else Will Come. – Ellen Degeneres


39. Do Your Little Bit Of Good Wherever You Are; It’s Those Little Bits Of Good Put Together That Overwhelm The World – Desmond Tutu


40. Try To Be Like The Turtle, At Ease In Your Own Shell – Bill Copeland


41. I Dwell In Possibility – Emily Dickinson


42. The World Is Full Of Magical Things Patiently Waiting For Our Wits To Grow Sharper – Bertrand Russell


43. From What We Get, We Can Make A living; What We Give However, Makes A life –  Arthur Ashe


44. To The Mind That Is Still, The Whole Universe Surrenders – Lao Tzu


45. We Can Change Our Lives. We Can Do, Be And Have Exactly What We Wish – Tony Robbins


46. Live Your Beliefs And You Can Turn The World Around – Henry David Thoreau


47. If The Doors Of Perception Were Cleansed Everything Would Appear To Man As It Is, Infinite – William Blake


48. Love The Moment And The Energy Of That Moment Will Spread Beyond All Boundaries – Corita Kent


49. Nurture Your minds With Great Thoughts. To Believe In The Heroic Makes Heroes – Benjamin Disraeli


50. There Is Nothing Stronger In The World Than Gentleness – Han Suyin



So there we have it! I hope some of these quotes have resonated with you and as always if you enjoyed the post please share on social media 🙂

Let me know below what quotes you like best and also if you have any specific quotes that you love too!

Wishing you the best day ever 🙂




2 thoughts on “50 Of The Most Inspiring Positive Quotes..EVER!”

  • motivations everywhere… The quotes are what one should look at as the day goes by. I do not have a favorite out of the quotes. Try are all amazing . This could be helpful to my friends so I will save the link and also save up some that really speaks to me. Thank you

    • i know what you mean john, there are too many to pick a favourite, they are all great! thanks for the comment and thanks for saving the link also 🙂

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