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5 Positive Thoughts To Improve A Bad Day

5 Positive Thoughts To Improve A Bad Day

Having a bad day?

Sometimes when you get caught up in some bad feeling momentum, it can feel pretty rubbish and difficult to find feelings and thoughts that feel good.

Everyone has been there.

Don’t fear however! Here are 5 positive thoughts that you can remind yourself of daily.

They will gently shift your vibration from focusing on your bad day, and enable you to continue the rest of your day feeling good (or at least slightly better).


It’s all about finding better feeling thoughts

It’s not about dramatically changing how you feel to be ecstatically jumping for joy or sneezing rainbows. That just might not be possible depending on how much negative momentum you have built up from your thoughts.6 Positive Thoughts to improve a bad day and feelings previously.

Rather than struggle with yourself over how you have let yourself fall into a bad mood, it may be better to gently shift your vibration by thinking some thoughts that feel even a little bit better.

You can bring yourself up gradually to a better and better feeling place.

These positive thoughts are a gentle reminder that there are good things you can focus on, and it is possible to choose how you feel.


1.You are not your thoughts and feelings

You are an awareness of your thoughts and feelings.

If you are feeling a particular thought in one moment, you are not that thought. It is just the thought that has entered your brain due to the vibration you are holding.

6 Positive Thoughts to improve a bad dayIt can be so so easy to have a negative feeling thought and get completely carried away with it, making things seem 100 times worse and more intense than they actually are.

It is good to know that you don’t have to do this.

In separating yourself from your thoughts and feelings, it can be much easier to notice when those negative thoughts and feelings are starting to appear in your awareness.

You can then acknowledge these thoughts and be conscious that you don’t need to get carried away in a negative spiral, you can just intend to focus on better feeling thoughts instead.


When you are aware of your thoughts rather than getting carried away in them you are in a much better position to craft your day into one that is much more enjoyable and beneficial for you.



2.It’s OK to have days where you feel bad

As much as this blog promotes feeling good and taking control of your focus to intentionally feel good, it’s inevitable that there will be days where we all feel less than great.

And that’s perfectly fine.

If we didn’t experience things that feel bad, we wouldn’t know what it feels like to feel good feeling things.

Also, in experiencing situations of things you don’t want, you can better identify the things that you do want.

It’s perfectly OK to have days where you feel bad, and there isn’t any point in getting annoyed at yourself for falling into a bad mood, it happens.

The best thing to do is to accept that it’s OK to feel what you are feeling, and know that it wont last forever.

In doing this you may open yourself up to more and more slightly better feeling thoughts, until you find you are feeling a whole lot better than you did!



3.You don’t have to have everything figured out at once

Some people can get themselves into a funk because they are annoyed at their lack of progress or because they can’t see the end of the path they are going down.

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘the joy is in the journey’?

6 Positive Thoughts to improve a bad dayRather than getting annoyed at yourself for not having everything figured out, or for not having achieved all that you have set out to do in a period of time, why not just try to relax and trust in the universe.

Life is unfolding perfectly and in letting go and trusting that everything is coming to you in divine timing, eliminates all worry and stress and makes you more likely to get where you want to be faster.

Pushing against something will just push it further away from you, relaxing and allowing it to come to you will bring it to you much faster.

There is so much that we can’t see from our present view point, and there are so many different paths that can get us where we want to be.

If you feel like you have missed an opportunity, there is always countless more ways to get there, you may not be able to see them from where you are standing, but the universe knows and is guiding you perfectly.

The universe works in mysterious ways and there are so many amazing and incredible things that you could never have even imagined that will bring what you want into your experience- if you allow it.

You don’t need to have it all worked out this second, relax and enjoy the journey instead.


4.There is always something to be grateful for

Probably not the best thing you want to hear when you are feeling bad or sorry for yourself, but a great way to swtich6 Positive Thoughts to improve a bad day your mood can be to focus on the things that you are grateful for.

There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for, I really do believe that, sometimes you have to look harder but there will always be something.

No matter how bad I am feeling, when I remind my self how lucky and blessed I am to be able to walk, speak, think, see, hear etc, I am immediately filled with gratitude and able view my bad mood from a different perspective.

There are people out there who have much less than most, but who are subsequently way happier and more grateful.

It’s all about what way you look at things, and being grateful for how amazingly blessed you are can be a great way to turn that frown upside down 🙂


5.A bad day is just 24 hours

6 Positive Thoughts to improve a bad dayThis is a great thought that I like to remind myself of if I ever have a bad day.

A bad day will always end, and you are just a good night’s sleep away from a fresh start.

This thought is a great way to put things into perspective and prevent things from spiralling.

A bad mood/day will not last forever, you are always going to find a point where you feel much better.

It may be difficult to magically stop getting annoyed and Sandra’s mouth breathing, or not be livid when you miss the bus to work, but you can stop and take a breath and remind yourself that this is just one small moment in your day.

Your bad day is just 24 hours in long lifetime. You can consciously make it your intention to wake up the following day and fill it with joy laughter and fun, the way it should be!


In Conclusion

Bad days happen, it’s a fact of life.

But you don’t have to beat yourself up or spiral into an even worse mood, you can gently chose better feeling thoughts such as the ones above and can gently bring your thoughts and feelings up to better feeling ones

I hope these positive thoughts have helped you, if you have any other positive thoughts or comment please leave them below!


2 thoughts on “5 Positive Thoughts To Improve A Bad Day”

  • Great advice – we are not our bad feelings, we are the awareness of them. And, while it seems so simple – notice them rise and dissipate – it can be hard because we identify with them so strongly. I am with you about gratitude being the antidote for negative emotions. It’s one reliable way out, every time. thanks for the thoughtful and helpful post!

    • not a problem at all, glad you enjoyed the post! gratitude is the best isn’t it, i really believe that there is always something to be grateful for :):)

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