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5 Powerfully Positive Affirmations For Self Esteem

5 Powerfully Positive Affirmations For Self Esteem

How would you rate your self esteem?




Whatever your answer, it is true that building and maintaining a healthy self esteem is something that needs to be worked at daily, not just something you acknowledge every now and again.

An amazing way to do this is by utilising the power of positive affirmations. In this post we will cover the importance of building high self esteem and will then present 5 of the most powerful positive affirmations for self esteem, enjoy!


What Is Self Esteem?

Self esteem is the hall mark of success in all areas of life. Someone who feels good about themselves will draw untold benefits that will spill into their health, wealth and relationships.20 positive affirmations for self esteem

Unsuccessful people generally have a very low self worth and do not believe in themselves.

Your self esteem is essentially how you feel about yourself.

For example if you have a low opinion of yourself, it is likely that you will have lots of negative self talk and will have  low self esteem.

Likewise if you have a high opinion of yourself, you will most likely have lots of positive self talk and a high self esteem.

Your self esteem can be influenced heavily by the beliefs you have developed at a young age, these are usually characterised by our parents, the places we grew up and the society we live in.

We are often brought up forgetting how amazing we are and not fully knowing how to love or respect ourselves. In building up our self esteem regularly, we are able to drastically improve this, and realise that we are all amazing and lovable- exactly as we are.


Affirmations And Self Esteem

If you have read any of my other articles you will know that I am a big fan of using affirmations to create positive change in all aspects of life.

Affirmations are targeted sentences that focus on an area of your life that you want to change. And personally a great way to increase your self esteem.

5 powerfully positive affirmations for self esteemIf you have low self esteem and feel bad about yourself, your negative self talk is likely to be a huge focus of your day.

Focusing on how bad you feel and your lack of self love will only bring you situations and scenarios that will back up your words ad beliefs.

This is where affirmations come in…

By actively choosing to think and speak affirmations that reinforce a new belief of high self esteem, will (with practice) change your focus on what is, and retrain your mind into a positive focus.

It may feel strange to suddenly start saying nice things about yourself when you are so used to running the old script that you are worthless.

I know it was for me.

But like anything practice makes perfect and consistency and repetition are key. The brain is certainly a creature of habit and will believe anything that you consistently tell it.

Affirmations are a great way of taking control of your life and deciding to intend how you want things to be, rather than living life on autopilot, blindly reacting to the situations around you.


Self Esteem And Arrogance

Self esteem is not to be confused with a big ego or being full of yourself.

People with a big ego are actually more likely to have low self esteem, trying to increase their self worth by being cocky or arrogant.

Bringing someone else down or acting like you are better than everyone else is a sure fire sign of low self esteem.

A person with high self esteem would never feel the need to belittle anyone else or look down on anyone else.

Self esteem is totally different from arrogance, as it draws from within and relies on nobody else.

Having high self esteem can affect your life in such a positive way, and it is never too late to begin building yourself up.


Affirmations For Self Esteem

The following are in my opinion 5 of the most powerful affirmations for self esteem.  I use them all daily to increase my self esteem and have achieved amazing results 🙂 may it encourage you to work on your own self esteem!


  • I Am Enough


20 positive affirmations for self esteem


This is probably one of my favourite affirmations for self esteem, and one that I repeat daily.

It definitely felt weird at first saying this one, but the more and more I repeated it, the more I began to believe it.

If you haven’t watched Marissa Peer’s Ted talk on self esteem I highly recommend that you watch the video below and see the impact of repeating ‘I am enough’ regularly!




  • I Have The Power To Change My Life


20 positive affirmations for self esteem


This affirmation is so empowering and reminds us all that life isn’t just happening to us, we have the power to create our life the way that we want it.

I love this affirmation and how good it feels to know that I can change my life!



  • I See The Good In Everyone, I Am Surrounded By Positive People


20 positive affirmations for self esteem



A common trait of people with low self esteem is that they criticise, judge, and blame a lot of the time.

In affirming that you only see the good in people you are embracing a new way of thinking where you no longer need to dwell in low vibrational activities like being judgemental.

You are way too busy feeling good about yourself and enjoying all of the positive people around you!



  • It Is Enough To Have Done My Best


20 positive affirmations for self esteem



Being incredibly self critical is a big sign of low self esteem.

This affirmation is incredibly freeing, it shows that trying your best is enough, and that you don’t need to beat up on yourself or stress yourself out trying to get everything ‘perfect’.

I found that after repeating this affirmation that I cared less about making things perfect and more about whether I was happy. In relaxing and accepting that I was doing my best, I then found that I did better at the things I was doing as I wasn’t stressing or putting pressure on myself.



  • I Radiate Love And Respect And In Return I Receive Love And Respect


20 positive affirmations for self esteem


We get what we give out, and if someone doesn’t respect themselves, it is likely that they will not receive any love or respect from others.

A great way to increase your self esteem is to state in an affirmation that you respect yourself and you receive back respect and love from everyone around you.

It is a great way to change the old negative self talk that you have been thinking and speaking into something positive and uplifting.

You may soon find that this new belief creates a reality that includes only respectful people around you!



In Conclusion

Your inner thoughts and beliefs reflect the world around you, and if you are telling yourself negative statements repeatedly, they will form your beliefs and subsequently the experiences and people you encounter in your daily life.

In taking control and changing the statements you think and speak, you are challenging the limiting beliefs that you currently have, and switching to a more positive and beneficial way of life.

Affirmations are great for all aspects of life that you want to change, but self esteem is one of the best areas you can use them for. Cultivating a healthy self image and self esteem spills out into all areas of your life and can help you to feel really good, really easily.

Remember to repeat your affirmations, and if the ones above don’t resonate with you, you can easily make your own that are relevant to your life!

If you have any comments on self esteem or affirmations, please leave them below as I LOVE to hear from you, and as always if you enjoyed this post please share!



4 thoughts on “5 Powerfully Positive Affirmations For Self Esteem”

  • I’ve had some experiences lately that really challenge my hard-fought self-esteem, so I think I was supposed to see this post today. I firmly believe it starts in my mind, and I need to calibrate to attract only love, respect, kindness, and understanding – and this is what I need to give back out to the world at all times!

    • I’m happy to hear you attracted this post at a time when you needed to read it penelope. I hope it has encouraged you and i hope that you leverage your thoughts and feelings to create rock solid self esteem, you are just right, give out what you want to be reflected back to you 🙂

  • These are great affirmations for self esteem. When I was younger, I always had the negative self talk going on in my head. Now, I try to always stay positive and think good thoughts. I like this one the best “I See The Good In Everyone, I Am Surrounded By Positive People” sums it up pretty well. Thank you for another great post!

    • Thanks for the comment, i was exactly the same when i was younger tammy, my negative self talks was absolutely shocking when i think back. It took me some time and a lot of inner work but i am at a point where my self esteem is at the highest it has ever been and i am so grateful to have been able to lift it up so high!

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