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10 Ways To Love Yourself

10 Ways To Love Yourself

There are SO many ways to love yourself

We are told again and again that we need to love ourselves more, but many of us do not know where to even start.

We have grown up thinking that it is ‘wrong’ or ‘big headed’ to feel any love or kindness towards ourselves. Yet self love is one of the most overlooked, yet highly important aspects of life.

It can be so easy to hate on yourself when you have spent so long listening to the inner critic in your head. But with some small changes, you can begin to listen to the real you. That inner voice that knows how deeply incredible and beautiful you are, exactly as you are.

These 10 ways to love yourself are easy, fun and remarkable methods to learn how to embrace who you are and show yourself the love you deserve!


1: Write ‘I Am Enough’ and stick it where you can see it

In this incredible TED talk by Marissa Peer, she highlights the significant change in so many of her clients after they wrote I Am Enough on their mirrors in lipstick.

By saying the phrase on repeat every time you see it, you are acknowledging that which you already know deep down, you are enough- exactly as you are!

I started sticking handmade cards with ‘I am Enough‘ all over my room and in my purse. Although at first it felt strange and I didn’t quite believe it, it is now a routine part of my day, and let me tell you, now I truly believe it!

I realised that all of the critical self talk I was listening to day in and day out was nonsense. And that little by little I wanted to learn to love myself properly, not in a conceited egotistical way, but true love that comes from within and has the power to change everything.

If your not sure where to start in learning to love yourself, I really do suggest writing ‘I Am Enough’ on a post it, or even make laminated cards and put them everywhere (if your a nerd like me). This is an extremely simple but hugely powerful way to learn love yourself.


2. Start A Self-Gratitude Journal 

Being grateful is something that many people advise as a way of raising your vibration and becoming more positive.

Gratitude journals are becoming extremely popular and they do wield excellent results.

With regard to self love, an awesome way to show yourself some love is to start a brand new gratitude journal, all about yourself and all the ways that you are amazing.

Even if it is something silly like winning the high jump two years in a row in primary school (That was me- I know I know, you’re all in awe), visit this journal regularly to boost your feelings of self love and appreciation.

Add to it as you love yourself more and realise that there are countless ways that you make the world a better place.


3. Do some inner child healing

Healing your inner child is an excellent way to love yourself more, as a lot of our patterns of self depreciation usually begin with events that have happened in early childhood.

If you have had a particularly traumatic childhood, this can be difficult to revisit. If you feel like this will bring up emotions that you are unable to cope with, please only do this if you have the support and guidance of a trained health professional.

There are many ways you can connect with your inner child. Hypnosis and meditation are some of the ways that I have tried, and I have found them to be extremely freeing and healing.

In going back and visiting your inner child, you can address some of the past hurts or situations that have caused you to believe that you are unlovable, and replace them with love.

You are able to offer comfort and support and even tell your inner child the things you have always wanted to hear. This is an extremely powerful way of releasing the past and showing your inner child what you now know, that you are awesome, and worthy, and beautiful and all of those things that you grew up not believing.


4. Take Time For YOU

It is extremely important to make time for you and give yourself some TLC.

Sometimes we are so caught up in caring for everyone else that we forget to show ourselves care and attention.

This is vital for our sense of self love as it shows that we are worthy and deserving of feeling good and enjoying life.

Take some time out when you know you won’t be distracted. Even if it is just an hour while the kids nap, do something that is truly for you.

Read a book, meditate, take a bath, make yourself your favourite food and embrace that it is purely for you and your satisfaction. Banish all guilt or thoughts about what else you could be doing and enjoy this time for YOU.


5. Banish Your Inner Critic

We all have that negative ego voice inside our heads that tells us we are no good. It can be so common to hear negative affirmations on repeat that we truly start to believe them and internalise them.

However I am here to tell you now that NONE of those harsh words are true, if they were true it would feel good to say them, but more often than not they make us feel awful, and that’s not the real us.

So little by little it can be extremely helpful to start noticing when those thoughts creep into your head and try to replace them with positive ones.

We are said to have around 60,000 thoughts per day and the majority of these thoughts are negative. By noticing these and actively choosing to think happier, self- affirmative thoughts, we can tip the scales to mostly positive thoughts and change our lives.

My inner critic used to be so harsh and nasty. It was when I began to notice what I was thinking and use affirmations and happy thoughts, that my whole image of myself began to change.

I lost weight without even trying because I was showing my body love instead of putting it down. My days were filled with happy scenarios and brilliant surprises, and I generally began to enjoy life so much more and worry a whole lot less.

It may seem impossible at first but as with anything practice makes perfect. Small incremental efforts can add up to big changes over time, be aware of your thoughts and rather than getting lost down a black hole of negativity, take control and realise that you are incredible!


6. Be Open To Releasing Guilt

Guilt is one of the most useless emotions we can feel.

We get so caught up in feeling bad about things, that we are showing ourselves the complete opposite of self love by holding on to things and feeling awful.

Feeling prolonged guilt is essentially saying that we don’t deserve to have a happy life and is a lack of self love.

By letting ourselves off the hook we are showing more self love as we are showing we care enough about our own well being and wish to move on.

I’m not saying that you have to condone what you have done, especially if it was something that you think is really wrong, but you don’t need to torture yourself over it every day, the past is gone.

There is no point whatsoever replaying the past, wishing things had gone differently and torturing yourself. The decisions you made were purely as a result of who you were and all that you knew in that moment.

You are not that person anymore, you have grown and expanded and the only thing you have any control over is the present moment.

You can waste the present moment feeling guilty, or else you can use it to make yourself and the world a better place.

Recognising the lesson in what happened, and setting yourself free is a much happier way to live and an incredible step in learning to love yourself unconditionally. This will also ensure that the past never repeats itself as you have forgiven yourself and let go of the destructive patterns.

It can be hard to know where to start with releasing guilt, but even being willing to forgive yourself is the first step, the rest of the path will be shown to you.

Live in the now and try to release the past, and love yourself for making mistakes and learning from them.


7. Meditate

Meditation ties in with banishing your inner critic as it allows you to train your brain and take control of your thoughts.

Meditation allows you to take a step back and realise that you are not your thoughts, you are an awareness of your thoughts.

By learning to control your thoughts using meditation, you are increasing your emotional strength and awareness and are therefore able to reduce the amount of negative self talk.

By learning to quiet the mind, you are also connecting with your higher self, which will fill your body with pure love and help you to connect to who you really are, which is love.


8.Don’t be afraid to say NO 

If you feel like you are constantly stretched thin and always looking after everyone else, a great way to show yourself more love it so learn to say no once in a while.

Many of us feel obliged to help everyone around us, and neglect to see that unless we look after ourselves properly we are unable to fully look after others.

Saying no once in a while and putting less pressure on yourself highlights that you are prioritising your own well being, because you are worthy and deserve it.

It will also stop people taking advantage of your good nature. Finding a firm but polite way to say no can really show yourself and the world that you matter and that you love yourself waaay too much to people please.


9. Stop caring about what other people think

This is a great one but can also be quite difficult considering the society we live in.

Altering the way you behave or the things you believe in because you care about what other people will think, is essentially saying that their opinions are more important than yours.

You are giving your power away to people who you probably don’t even like that much.

This again highlights that you don’t feel that your ideas or opinions are worthy and you would rather just echo how the crowd behaves.

Show yourself some love (and freedom), and do and say things purely because you believe in them and they bring you joy, regardless of what anyone else may think.

Be a voice not an echo! You will find that the more love and value you give yourself, the less other people’s opinions will matter to you!


10. Do Mirror Work10 ways to love yourself

Mirror work is an amazing way to connect with yourself and see what is really blocking you from truly loving yourself.

Looking into your own eyes and saying ‘I love you’ can be extremely difficult and emotional for many people, as we mostly grow up believing that we are unlovable.

There is something extremely powerful about looking into your own eyes and affirming that you love yourself.

This may feel untrue or extremely uncomfortable at first, but if you keep at it, your feelings of true self love will go through the roof.

Shower yourself with compliments any time you see yourself in a mirror, declare your love and celebrate all of the amazing things that make you who you are!


Love love love yourself {>

Loving yourself may be something that you find difficult or unsure of where to start, but hopefully this post has given you some inspiration.

It is genuinely one of the best things you can ever do for yourself and the people around you. Keep at it, and if you found anything particularly helpful or interesting please comment, share and like!

22 thoughts on “10 Ways To Love Yourself”

  • Great tips you gave. It is very important to not be down on yourself. This only leads to depression which can put you in a state of mind that makes you feel worthless. This when all that can go wrong will go wrong. I am a spiritual person and the forces of evil use things against you to steal your joy and using you is the best weapon there is. All these things you mentioned will keep your mind in a state of peace and harmony. Thanks for sharing.

    • Ronnie I completely agree, it is so important to praise yourself rather than the other way around, we grow up being conditioned to believe that we are worthless,when in fact the exact opposite is the truth, we are all actually amazing!
      So glad you got some benefit from this post and thanks so much for the comment,
      Wishing you so much peace and joy on your journey:)


  • Oh my god! I laughed out loud at the Mirror GIF, and scared my dog! 😀
    If ever there was a time for me to come across your site, today was definitely the day! Learning to love yourself is probably one of the hardest things to do, but erasing your progress in the blink of an eye, is one of the easiest! Then you need to pull up your socks and start all over again from square one… I wholeheartedly agree with every one of the steps you mention in your blog! Learning to compliment yourself and not view it as egotistical, was probably one of the hardest things for me to do! I find positive affirmations help lift spirits as well, such as “I deserve…” or “I am worthy of…”
    Also, along with the “I am enough” post-its, it also helps to have random uplifting quotes or sayings in a jar. Pull out one when you are feeling low, and need a little something extra to raise your vibration.
    Very helpful information, thank you so much! I look forward to seeing more updates from you!

    • Janice you are so right, sometimes it can be the hardest thing ever to say nice things about ourselves, but it is definitely one of the most important! 

      And what an amazing idea to put uplifting quotes in a jar for inspiration and a boost, I will definitely be trying that one out as a tool for improving my own self love!

      So glad you enjoyed the post and I laughed so much at that mirror gif too that I couldn’t resist putting it into the post haha 

      Wishing you so much progress on your journey of self love:)


  • I love this. Everyone should come and check out your post. It loaded with awesome information. I am sure many people can benefit and learn more ways to love themselves. I do the mirror thing, meditation, and say no to people. I could definitly use other tips as well. I appreciate that you took the time to put this article together. It was very helpful and useful. Keep up with this amazing work.

    • Hi Hong thanks so much for the comment and I’m so glad you enjoyed the post!
      Great to hear that you already do mirror work and meditation and saying no once in a while, it’s so important to show yourself some love and take time to do these things.
      Hopefully you can try a few new things out from the post and progress even further,
      Thanks again for the amazing feedback 🙂


  • This is a topic that gets lost by many. Mainly because they are caught up in the ways of the world and look outside of themselves for happiness when they should listen to the positive energy within themselves.

    • This is so true Maurice, looking for happiness outside of yourself is the biggest cause of unhappiness as other people cannot live their lives just to please us meaning at some point we will always be let down, finding happiness from within means no circumstance or person can take that away from you!

  • This is great. It is so important to take care of yourself and also believe in yourself. WHY? Because if we do not love ourselves and believe in ourselves, how are we then going to accept the love of others when it is offered. Love goes both ways and it starts from the home which is ourselves. Brilliant and very encouraging.

    • great point naomi, we really can’t truly love anyone else or give our best to anyone else until we love ourselves! Just working on some simple steps like those outlined in the post can make a HUGE difference. Thanks for the great comment 🙂

  • These things will come into play in life , if you go around depressed all the time. We have to consider ourselves worthy, so we can move ahead. These steps that you pointed out are very important. Doing, just one or two of them will help.

    • you’re just right Fred, knowing that you are worthy and enough just as you are is so important for your general well-being. his can be hard to accept at first as our brain is used to the old way of thinking, but with enough determination and persistence you can truly begin to heal the past and love yourself!

  • Wow, what a cool post! I have been pretty critical of myself when I recovered from meningitis which got real bad and close to death. Afterwards I felt guilty because another person in another room close to me died and was really young. Yet I survived. So to try and heal emotionally I began medititating and using guided meditation to calm myself and find some inner peace. I like what you wrote about your inner child. I suffered some traumatic times as a child and this gave me an idea to try some guided meditation to heal my inner child. This is an awesome posts with some great ideas on loving yourself. If everybody tried this we wouldn’t have so much hate in the world. Beautiful stuff here.

    • David thanks for the beautiful comment, I am so happy you have found some helpful insights that will help you along with your healing. And also so amazing to hear you meditate! This is one of the best ways to heal and to develop a higher perspective on things. I am so sorry to hear about your illness and your guilt about surviving when the other person didn’t, I hope you know that you have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about and that that person would most likely want you to live life to the fullest for them!
      Great comment and I wish you so much peace and healing on your journey:)

  • Great article! Lots of great tips for staying above the monotony of every day life!
    Treat Yo’ Self! Laughed so hard at that one. Great use of gifs

  • Ooooh Colleen, you struck a chord, or many chords, with this article! I won’t go in the very details, as otherwise I’ll bore you stiff. But I’ll only mention the guilt as left of … well, me! Because I’d never had the view of guilt so helpfully explained to me before. Until I read your piece, my feelings about guilt went along the lines of ‘Build that bridge and get over it’. I have many regrets and guilty feelings for how I acted with parents, step daughter, and sometimes even husband and my son. But never before had anyone suggested to me that the reason why I acted in a certain way towards certain people was because of the person I was then, and because of the type of person circumstances which had made me the person I was then. In other words, I have helped me reconcile with the fact that I am now a different person and I will no longer act the same way, because if same ciercumstamces present, I will know to react differently.
    I can only but thank you, Colleen, from the bottom of my heart, for giving me a totally different and healing perspective towards forgiving myself. As they say, love others as you would love yourself. But if you don’t love yourself enough, how can you love others? 🙂

    • Giulia i can’t even describe how happy I feel that you got some peace from my post 🙂 I used to really torture myself with guilt and replay situations over with what I would have done differently. Then a read a number of books that outlined how guilt is an absolutely useless emotion, it gave the clarity and peace of mind I needed to understand that a truly happy person would not have felt the need to have acted the way I had done, so it was just the pain inside me that I was lashing out with, which is totally human and understandable.I have grown and healed so much from then and I have learned! I am planning on doing a separate post on guilt and I hope you will keep an eye out for it!!

  • This is an awesome post! It’s so important to loves oneself and there’s absolutely no shame in it. I’ll definitely be employing these tips and share them with my husband. Looking hard at and doing work on the self is probably one of the hardest things to do. Yet it’s vitally important!

    Bright blessings,


    • lace you are so right when you say that loving yourself can be difficult to do at the beginning, but as with anything practice makes perfect! and i’m so glad you and your husband will be using the tips mentioned 🙂 blessings to you both!

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