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The Beginner’s Guide To Meditation

The Beginner’s Guide To Meditation

  Many of us spend our days in a constant state of distraction, unhappiness and overwhelm, finding it hard to turn the brain off and be present in our day. Meditation is an incredible solution to this that offers an easy and effective way to […]

8 Law of Attraction Quotes That Will Get You Psyched To Manifest

8 Law of Attraction Quotes That Will Get You Psyched To Manifest

How freeing is it when you realise that your thoughts create your reality and that you can choose at any second to change your life for the better? Does that not get you pumped and ready to manifest your wee heart out? No? Okay, well […]

6 Celebrities Who Use The Law of Attraction

6 Celebrities Who Use The Law of Attraction

With the Law or Attraction (LOA) we know that our thoughts have the power to become things, and what we focus on we attract back to us.

There are countless stories of people using the LOA to attract lots of different things such as wealth, a new house, a perfect partner etc.

Unimaginable success, joy and love can be ours if we utilise this powerful law, and there are many celebrities who have used LOA to achieve just that!

The following is a list of 6 celebrities who have used the power of their thoughts to create amazing things.





1. Jim Carrey


Jim Carrey is an extremely powerful manifestor and has used the LOA in an incredible way!

He once told a story in an interview with Oprah of how he used to go up to Mulholland Drive every night when he was a broke aspiring actor, stretch out his arms and visualise himself being a famous actor.

He would imagine having directors tell him how good he was and would repeat affirmations about how many movie offers he had, and how everybody wanted to work with him.

Carrey continued this on a daily basis and also wrote himself a cheque for 10 million dollars for ‘acting services rendered’. He put a time-frame of 5 years on the cheque, writing ‘thanksgiving 1995’ and kept it in his wallet.

Sure enough, leading up to thanksgiving of 1995 Carrey realised that he was going to make 10 million dollars that year thanks to his role in Dumb and Dumber.


2. Will Smith


Will Smith regularly speaks in interviews about how he believes that his thoughts create his reality, and often highlights that it’s his raw belief in himself that enables him to accomplish and achieve anything he wants.

He admits that he may not have the most talent compared to others, but what he does have is a belief and confidence in himself that always gets him where he wants to be.

Smith says that most successful people have a ‘delusional‘ quality in them that makes them believe that something different can happen to them, despite any situation they may have been in previously.

What he is referring to is blind faith, which is how many successful manifestors bring amazing things into existence.

They don’t know how it is going to happen but they BELIEVE that it will. If you have thoughts and beliefs that are congruent with what you want, the universe has no choice than to bring you exactly what you desire!

He states that being realistic is the greatest path to mediocrity, and that when he decides he wants something, he already believes that it is done.

This is manifesting at his best and it is no wonder Will has risen so happily to success and joy in his life and career.


3. Oprah Winfrey


Oprah Winfrey is a huge advocate of the LOA and has been using it for a number of years, without even knowing she was using it.

Winfrey believes that we are all responsible in our own lives and actually used the LOA to get a movie role in the film The Colour Purple.

In an interview with Larry King, Winfrey states how she read the book The Colour Purple and became obsessed with it.

She would eat sleep and breathe The Colour Purple, and it is because of this intense focus and belief on what she wanted that enabled her to attract her desired role in the movie!

Winfrey spoke about the LOA for many years on her show, without properly knowing what it was. That is until 2006 when she interviewed Rhonda Byrne and the contributors to the book The Secret.

It was from then on that she would know that it was the LOA. This would lead to many interesting interviews both on her television and radio shows, speaking about the LOA and the power of your thoughts in creating your reality.


4. Steve Harvey


Popular talk show host Steve Harvey regularly speaks on his show and in interviews about how he uses the LOA and reads ‘The Secret’, stating that it is ‘the most powerful book outside of The Bible’

He believes that once you master the LOA you can attract health, wealth, happiness, better relationships, anything you want.

Harvey regularly speaks about how he has used the LOA to create the life of his dreams and that anyone can use it to improve their lives in a big way.

Harvey believes that like attracts like, and if you can get your head around that concept and only focus on that which you want in you life, you can’t go wrong.


5. Conor Mc Gregor


Hugely successful UFC fighter Conor McGregor speaks about how he used the LOA when he had nothing.

He recalls when he was driving around in his old banger car that he had to push start.

While he was doing this he used to imagine he was driving a Bentley around California in his head.

This soon became a reality and Mc Gregor now admits that he is happily driving his Bentley around California.

He always visualised victory, success and abundance, and sure enough he quickly achieved just that.

Mc Gregor frequently visualised himself winning his fights and states that ‘all that matters is how you see yourself’. If you see yourself as the champion, and you truly believe it, you will be the champion.

Mc Gregor believes in himself so much that no-one is going to stop him. This is reflected in his incredible rise to success and impressive number of wins, with the UFC stating that ‘UFC has never seen anything like him’


6. Big Sean


Worldwide rapper Big Sean believes that he creates his own world, he states that he manifests everything in his life.

He frequently raps about the LOA, with lines about how he was able to manifest one million dollars, and also how he wrote himself a million dollar cheque in the fifth grade, appearing in his music.

He states that he was told to snap out of his dream world in school, yet he knew that his dream world was his reality, it just hadn’t happened yet.

He now drives his dream car, collaborates with famous rappers and has bought his mother her own house.

Big Sean understands that if he wants something, noticing that it is already his will bring it into his hands, as he can think it into existence.


You really can manifest the life of your dreams


This is just a small selection of celebrities who have used the LOA in their lives, but there are so many more people who are using the LOA to create their dreams also, and you could be one of them too.

For more information regarding the LOA, please check out some of my other posts, and as always if you enjoyed the article please like comment and share!

Happy manifesting 🙂




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Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

looking for love in all the wrong places


A prominent theme of this blog is about finding the things you want inside of you, rather than outside of you. Today’s post will be focusing on exactly that, with regard to LOVE.

A lot of us are looking for love in all the wrong places, ending up in co-dependant, dysfunctional relationships with people who aren’t a very good match. Most people would rather be in an unhappy relationship than be alone, and although this is very understandable, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Being in a relationship with someone who is your reason for feeling good means that if they were to go away, you would not feel good. The media and pop culture outlines many different relationships that are full of pain, rejection and arguments, we are shown that it is healthy to have blazing rows and be jealous and overprotective.

Although these types of relationships may feel normal, speaking from experience they aren’t a patch on the love you can feel in the kind of relationship you can have if you aren’t dependent on someone for your happiness.


Looking for validation from others

Many of us crave validation, support and comfort from other people, when it is really in ourselves that we need to find it.

Constantly looking for validation and peace in someone else creates a co dependence and an unnatural imbalance.

This often leads to pain for both parties, as it is not humanly possible for someone to live their lives to make you happy, or vice versa.

You are surrendering your power to someone else. Although this person may be well meaning, sooner or later they are going to let you down as they are only human and essentially it is not their job to provide your happiness.

It can make you jealous, insecure and controlling when you are dependant on someone else. And although you may feel like you love this person, it may well be a mix between love and dependence.

There are a lot of arguments, resentment and bad feelings that would just not be present in a relationship if you found your happiness from within.


You are enough, just as you are

It is when you realise this and build yourself up from within, that you will know that you don’t need another person to lift you up, you are perfectly capable of doing it yourself.

Once you know this, you will also realise that it’s OK to be alone. If you do meet someone you really like, they wont need to be your everything, and you wont need to be theirs.

But you can enhance each others lives in a healthy, positive way and enjoy a beautiful life together that is drama free and filled with pure love and fun.

When you gain the knowledge and confidence that you are enough as you are, you can be truly picky about who deserves your love and you will then attract someone like-minded and perfect for you.

You wont need to repeat the old cycles of being in a tumultuous, insecure, unhappy relationship, because the vibration you will be on will be much much different.


You don’t need to settle

You don’t need to settle for a toxic relationship with someone just because you don’t want to be alone. You will have the insight to appreciate your own independence and freedom, and will then be free to find someone who is perfect for you.

Once you know you are enough from within, that can never be taken away from you and negates the need to become dependant on anyone.

Write a list of the traits your ideal partner would have, focus on how happy you are and how much you appreciate yourself and what you have to offer. Make a point to build yourself up daily, check out my post on 10 ways to love yourself

By emitting this high vibration you are opening yourself up to the law of attraction bringing you exactly what you want, you may be surprised at how easily and quickly your dream partner may come into your life!

Wishing you an abundance of joy (and true love),



P.s. You’re awesome

P.p.s If you would like to try the 21 Awesome Days Challenge to raise your vibration and change your life, sign up below!


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Knowing Your Self Worth

Knowing Your Self Worth

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You Make Your Own Luck​

You Make Your Own Luck​

You Make Your Own Luck


The concept that you make your own luck may seem strange to someone who has grown up extremely superstitious. Today’s post is all about the concept of luck, and how I believe that you can make your own luck and can decide from today to be ‘lucky‘.

You Make Your Own Luck

I grew up as quite a superstitious child. Standard Irish upbringing always throwing salt over my shoulder, blessing myself anytime I passed a graveyard, never walking under ladders and also believing the ever popular rhyme for when you seen a magpie.

I’m sure most of you are aware but it was a rhyme that corresponded to how many magpies you seen.

It was:

One for sorrow

Two for joy

Three for a girl

Four for a boy

Five for silver

Six for gold

Seven for a secret never to be told

So if you saw one magpie it meant you were going to have sorrow, if you seen two magpies you would experience joy and so on.

This rhyme was repeated to me by my cousins and peers and I quickly learned it and used it to my advantage, or disadvantage mostly.


Using ‘Luck’ To Your Advantage or Disadvantage

When I was on a walk with my son today, I saw two magpies and it got me thinking about how this rhyme and these superstitious beliefs were a great example of how you can use the law of attraction for you or against you.

I have a friend who wins pretty much every competition she enters. It started when she won free entrance complimentary drinks to a club night on Facebook.

Everyone told her how lucky she was to have won, this undoubtedly reinforced a belief in her head, and not too long later she won another competition, and another, and another.

Until now when she normally excitedly messages me at least once a month to tell me she has won something else. I keep telling her she needs to do the lottery.

We laugh and joke at how she is on a brilliant winning streak but to me, it looks like my friend is using the law of attraction to her advantage, which we can all do really.


One For Joy

So back to the magpies, a few years back I used to walk through a park on my way to work and I would always see magpies.

If it was just one magpie I would inwardly lament over how I was going to have a rubbish day at work, and sure enough at work I would get the rude customer or forget to do something and get into trouble.

Likewise if I saw two magpies I would joyfully walk into work, feeling pleased in knowing that some joy was coming my way. Sure enough, I would have an easy breezy day, I was setting my intentions for a good or bad day and I wasn’t even aware of it.

So one day I decided I was going to use this ‘superstition’ to my advantage, and change the words to the rhyme that had been deciding how I was going to live my day. I changed it to;

One for joy

Two for joy

Three for joy

Four for joy

Five for joy

Six for joy

Seven for super duper awesome joy


If anything it certainly felt a lot better and I decided that any time I seen any amount of magpies, that I would take it as a sign that something joyful was going to happen during my day.

Of course at the start my brain didn’t quite believe what I was saying, as it was so used to my old way of thinking.You Make Your Own Luck

Knowing that the brain is a creature of habit however, I persevered and repeated my new rhyme and acted joyful and hopeful any time I would see one.

After a few months of this my whole vibration changed and I began to use the law of attraction to my advantage in a big way.

Now when I see a magpie I rejoice and say thank you.

I remember one time I was driving my car down the hill on my street and at the very bottom, scattered on the middle of the road (slightly jay-walking) was about 12-15 magpies all standing there as if they were waiting for me.

I burst out laughing and it was safe to say I was on a high high vibration all day after seeing that.

The magpies made me realise that luck is completely subjective, and from then on I decided to be extremely lucky! I always get perfect parking spaces, freebies, find things and just have the most random awesome stuff happen to me daily, just because I decided to believe I was Lucky!

So the point of today’s post is to encourage you to make your own luck, decide today that you are the most lucky, blessed, joyful person you know, and train your mind to believe it.

You will soon be reaping the rewards of the most joyful moments in each day.

Wishing you an abundance of joy


P.s. You’re awesome


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